Globo pronounces after ‘Fantástico’ report and apologizes to Maju Coutinho

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Last Sunday’s edition (4) of “Fantástico”, on Globo, brought an article about tourism at Disney during the pandemic of the new coronavirus. Part of the program was made in partnership with businessman Rodrigo Branco and revolted viewers. That’s because Poliana Abritta’s replacement in the attraction is Maju Coutinho, victim of the racial injuries fired by Rodrigo during a live in March this year. At the time, the famous celebrity tour guide in Orlando commented that the anchor post of “Jornal Hoje” would be the result of the fact that the journalist is black.

Globo apologizes to Maju Coutinho

After the negative repercussions that the participation caused on the web, Globo’s communication department explained to the newspaper “O Dia” that it did not realize that Rodrigo was responsible for the prejudiced statements. The broadcaster also stated that he portrayed himself with the presenter, winner in the journalism category at the Domingão 2019 Trophy. “‘O Fantástico’ regrets not having realized that he was the same person. And he has already apologized to Maria Júlia Coutinho,” said communicated.

‘Fantástico’ article causes discontent on the web

Many netizens did not take the article in a positive light and criticized the program. “Fantástico made a big mistake asking Rodrigo Branco about how tourism at Disney is going during the pandemic. He’s the same one who was racist with Maju, the station’s journalist. The anti-racist position must always be firm,” said Gabi Coelho, a journalist from “Estadão”. “Globo called that Rodrigo Branco for a report by Fantástico, and he was racist with Maju Coutinho and Thelminha. Disgust”, complained another. “I do not believe that Fantástico set the stage for racist Rodrigo Branco after he said what he said about Maju”, lamented a third.

Presenter comments on demonstrations against racism

Recently, Maju participated in “Altas Horas” and evaluated the demonstrations against racism. “I see light at the end of the tunnel. This movement that gained a lot of strength because of George Floyd, in the United States, who was murdered by the policeman who choked him. When I started to narrate that, it was a punch in the stomach. I didn’t have a first contact, I really had to narrate and the absurdity was such that my stomach turned, it was very difficult that day. This generated a wave of indignation and commotion. I am very happy to see the participation of people who are not black in this fight, this, for me, was a milestone of 2020, it is not just our fight, it is a fight for everyone. As long as there is racism, there is no democracy, “he declared.

(By Patrícia Dias)


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