Vocalist Anna Abreu known for its stunning outfits and style, which from time to time can be seen on red carpets and performance stages. Often outfits follow the latest guidelines of trendy street fashion. In the Stars, Stars competition, her dress style for the opera episode aroused admiration. Now Abreu has released a hearty hearty picture update from the middle of the woods.

The story continues after the picture.

– “If you don’t understand my style, then you don’t have a sense of style,” writes Anna Abreu self-ironically Cheekin Who else quoting the sentence of the paragraph.

In the sample, the singer herself bursts into a bomber jacket, rubber boots and slaps on her feet in an ATV trailer tasting a drink bottle.

The post has got Anna’s fans to write amused comments. Also husband Lauri Heiskari has commented on a photo.

– This is a more familiar sight, writes Lauri Heiskari, and adds a heart smile.

You can see below or from here.

Fans comment on the image update with a twinkle of humor in the corner of his eye.

– So great style! I currently have the same, one fan writes.

– Damn brought the jacket. It’s a hobolook like this.

– Quite stylet boots and attitude in place, in the laughter.