Giullia Buscacio talks about a challenge at ‘Dança dos Famosas’ and denies being competitive. Check out!

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Participant of the current season of “Dança dos Famous”, Giullia Buscacio is having for the first time more intimate contact with the universe of dance. “I never danced professionally, my contact with dance was always in the lightest and most natural way, on special occasions, with the family”, he explains to the Purepeople the actress considered to live Juma Marruá in the remake of the soap opera “Pantanal”, scheduled for 2021 in the range of nine. This year’s dispute ended up abolishing the use of masks after the item became part of the contestants’ costumes.

In ‘Dança’, actress delivers fear of rhythms. Know which ones!

In the most recent presentation, Giullia, far from the soap operas since the end of the remake of “Éramos Seis”, fulfilled the dream of knowing the techniques of forró. On the other hand, the actress trained by professor Daniel Navarro has the rhythms that cause her concern. “I am very afraid of tango and salsa”, points out the young woman, who occupies the fourth place among women after two rounds of presentation – at the premiere they performed at the party – with 117.2 points against 117.9 of the leader, Danielle Winits, and one just ahead of 115.6 for Guta Stresser, last place.

‘I want to bring lightness and fun to Dance’, says Giullia

The 23-year-old Portuguese actress and girlfriend of musician Pedro Calais is in love with funk. “Now, whether I know it or not, only the public and the judges will know how to say it,” she says good-naturedly, quoting the examining panel that included Marina Ruy Barbosa, the target of criticism for the ’10’ scores distributed to competitors. And Giullia gets excited when talking about her goals on the stage of “Domingão do Faustão”. “At home, I try to have fun with the songs I like, bring that lightness of dance and fun that has always accompanied me and I want to contribute to that in the program”, he says.

Giullia claims to be dedicated, but stresses not being competitive

Asked if she demands too much of herself in the dispute, Giullia does not qualify as competitive. “Quite the contrary, I am the one who ‘the important thing is to compete with all my heart’,” he explains, pondering. “I was always a very dedicated girl when I set out to do something, I really donated myself, I head in, I live it with all my heart”, she guarantees, who faces in “Dança” other names like Felipe Titto, who replaced Henri Castelli after injury to the protagonist of “Flor do Caribe”.

‘I am in process with myself and my limitations’, emphasizes Giullia

Looking at the participants who have spent the past 16 seasons, Giullia elects those who inspire her. “Not only as artists, but as people, there is Lucas Veloso, who is a great example of contagious joy on stage and talent, just like Viviane Araujo”, he says. And when looking at her competitors, the actress avoids seeing them as opponents. “I am in a process with me and with my limitations, I think that goes beyond the program and my partners. Our rehearsals are always individual, so I deal with my limitations and achievements in rehearsals to arrive at the day and achieve a personal overcoming. in the same way I hope to overcome my colleagues too, each one in his process “, he concludes.

(by Guilherme Guidorizzi)


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