Giulia Siegel’s partner defends foreign flirtation

Love drama on “Temptation Island VIP”: Giulia Siegel can’t believe her eyes when Ludwig Heer lies in bed with another woman. At GALA, the foreign flirt now reveals whether he regrets this action.

Has Ludwig Heer, 39, gone too far with “Temptation Island VIP” or not? In the sixth episode of the seduction show, Giulia Siegel, 46, passed another tough judgment about her lover: “This is not having fun, this is not flirting, this is cuddling … That sucks what he’s doing. ” Then the DJane wept bitter tears and even described Ludwig as “tail-controlled”.

Giulia didn’t know then that the cook wasn’t in bed with just one woman, as you can see in the video recordings, but with two. A significant difference for the couple, who are now clearly backtracking and asserting that they have adhered to all the rules previously established. While Giulia compared the action with a classic “hotel room party” in the GALA interview, Ludwig is now talking a bit out of the affair.

Ludwig Heer believes there has been a misunderstanding

Ludwig Heer cuddling with single lady Sarah

“At first it was presented to Giulia as if I had been alone in bed with Sarah, but that wasn’t the case. That’s why I don’t have a guilty conscience. If I watch the show now, I’m not ashamed of my behavior. But of course it hurts me a lot to see Giulia so emotionally. But I think it was more of a misunderstanding. She misinterpreted the images a bit and then there was the emotional conversation with Stephi, which wasn’t about me at all “explains the 39-year-old at GALA.

“I wanted to get involved in the show”

    Giulia Siegel "Temptation Island VIP" to be seen on RTL and TVNow.
Giulia Siegel can be seen on “Temptation Island VIP” on RTL and TVNow.

And even if Giulia obviously lost her nerve a little because of Ludwig’s closeness to the single ladies, Ludwig is not aware of any wrongdoing:

“For the outsider, who only gets to see excerpts, that may seem borderline. Especially in episode six in the scene in which Lina hugs me. But that was a game. Of course, like Willi Herren, you could say that, for example you don’t take part in a game like that, but that’s not my style. I wanted to get involved with the show and the kind of seduction. In all honesty, if I were to take part in the show again, I would behave the same way again. “

So it seems like the dramatic sixth episode had no effect on Giulia and Ludwig’s relationship and the two are still a couple.

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