Giulia Be comments on relationship with Luan Santana after romance rumor: ‘It’s a friend’

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Giulia Be admitted to being close to Luan Santana, but guaranteed that the relationship between them is one of friendship. The rumors that the singer would have an affair with the sertanejo arose after the artist published the video for the song “Unforgettable”, in which the two kiss, on social networks. “We ended up becoming very friends and we have a lot in common about musical tastes. We also identify with our values ​​and principles, not only in music, but in the family. We ended up being very close. and met my mother, who is my manager. They became best friends. It ended up being really cool, it went beyond just music, it was history and exchange. .

Giulia Be remembers invitation to live with Luan Santana

Last month, Luan called Giulia for a live with Luísa Sonza. “He invited me to live because of the music. We had already entered the studio and recorded it. We did everything very hidden. The crowd didn’t know that everything was being prepared to come with this song with him. We announced it on live , which ended up being great “, said the singer. On October 19, Luan announced the end of his engagement to Jade Magalhães, with whom he had been for 12 years. The stylist confirmed the separation and received support from celebrities. One of them was actress Marina Ruy Barbosa who wrote: “Everything will be fine, in the right way, at the right time”. Romana Novais wished: “My beautiful, feel embraced by me. Be well and at peace. You are a very bright girl and you deserve to be very very very happy!”.

Singer praises the sertanejo: ‘Unique human being’

According to Giulia, she always thought of Luan for the feat:Luan is incredible. He’s a unique human being, and rocked music. He sings with a lot of truth, a lot of feeling, and ends up going through what I was imagining. We met because of the music, and I knew I wanted someone to sing with a lot of emotion. For me, Luan today is the best singer in Brazil. He has an incredible voice and is very emotional when he sings. I had already realized that it had to be him and that it would be perfect. As different as his style is, he is a multiple artist and does everything very well. There is more proof that he is not only a backcountry star, but a pop star. I wouldn’t be offended at all if he didn’t accept it. It was a risk I took. I said ‘I want the best’. The ‘no’ I already had. There are several factors of career planning, such as the moment and if the launch fits the calendar “.

(By Patrícia Dias)


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