After encountering symptoms unknown to her for almost each year, Giulia Aghelescu found out that the woman was facing allergies that could are actually fatal.

The artist declared that she faces severe gluten intolerance, for celiac disease there is no commences, and the only therapy is a stringent gluten-free diet.

“It merely came to our notice then. I got practically so swollen that people said I was 8 months pregnant. Naturally my first reaction was that there isn’t any gluten intolerance, that it seemed to everyone that everyone has been suffering from that in recent years, especially in this part of the planet, and I didn’t believe it right until I went to I check me and that’s how it was. In the meantime, My partner and i reconciled with this intolerance, ‘said Giulia Anghelescu, accordingly

Giulia now takes great care of all of the foods she eats and has to make meals for both the family’s tastes and the needs. However, Giulia acknowledged of which from time to time she can taste a flavorsome food that contains gluten without worrying with regards to side effects.

“I had a quite OK reaction, in the sense that I seemed to be careful about what I ate. I make meals for them and for me. I grasped that once every few months I could taste very small amounts of certain foods that may contain gluten. ‘, Said the performer, according to