Giovanna Ewbank works with son Zyan on her lap and celebrities melt. Photos!

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Giovanna Ewbank melted her followers by sharing a photo with her 2-month-old son, Zyan. The baby appears on the lap of the youtuber while she is put on by a professional. “Mom working and my drop always stuck, and he’s loving all this mess,” wrote Bruno Gagliasso’s wife, who showed the youngest in a costume.

Zyan pose in photo enchants Bruna Marquezine: ‘What a beautiful scene’

On the record, Zyan – who won a party for his second mesversário – looks at the photo and still pout, which delighted Giovanna Ewbank’s followers. Bruna Marquezine commented: “Oh, God. What a beautiful scene. I love you”. “Aff, how lovely this mommy and this little one,” wrote Deborah Secco. “How perfect, my God,” praised Giovanna Lancellotti. “Most beautiful thing, Gio,” said Isabeli Fontana in the post. Makeup artist André Nicolau was surprised by the baby’s development: “The size!”. “Look at his angry face”, commented a follower, being answered by the youtuber: “And I was making a mess!”.

Bless loses two baby teeth and gains support from her sister, Titi

Besides little Zyan, Giovanna Ewbank and Bruno Gagliasso are parents of Bless and Títi. Last month, the boy lost both front teeth on the same day. With the matching look, the brothers appear together in a record posted by the blonde. “Little black ball string! [risos] Ain, I can’t take it! Titi as a good big sister, all proud of the courage of her brother Bless to pull the baby teeth out! Things to keep in mind and heart! Thank you, God “, he wrote in the caption.

Giovanna Ewbank shares moments of motherhood and encourages breastfeeding

On her Instagram, Giovanna Ewbank shows some moments with her children and talks about motherhood, especially the routine with Zyan. She recently encouraged breastfeeding. “I know that breastfeeding has its difficulties, but have you ever stopped to think how many thousands of mothers cannot breastfeed their children? My mother was one of those mothers. She was unable to breastfeed me or even my brother. She went through several I have too much milk, so I am happily able to donate to other families to help their babies grow healthy. If you have too much milk, help too. You will be able to help many families, many babies “, advised the famous on the social network.

(By Laís Fernandes)


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