Giovanna Ewbank describes childbirth of son Zyan: ‘Of dreams, natural and lasted 1h30’

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Giovanna Ewbank talked about the routine with Zyan, 2 months old. Accustomed to sharing moments of raising children, the presenter told how the day to day at home with the youngest has been. “I thought it was going to be worse (having a newborn baby at home). I am 100% available to them. I am loving, it has been very pleasant for me. The family is very united in this period of pandemic and isolation. I thought it was to be more complicated, but I’m loving everything, even the late nights. It’s wonderful, very tasty, but it’s a rush. When I see it, it’s already night and I haven’t done half of what I would like to do, including the care routine skincare. All women have such a busy life that when we see them, they don’t even take care of us “, said Bruno Gagliasso’s wife to” Quem “.

Giovanna Ewbank reports on Zyan’s birth

Mother also of Títi and Bless, adopted in Malawi, Africa, Giovanna I had not tried to give birth before Zyan. “I was very afraid of childbirth, pregnancy, breastfeeding because everything was very difficult for my mother. For example, she had two pregnancies, which were very complicated. But for me everything flowed in a wonderful way. I’m loving breastfeeding, my birth was a dream birth, natural and lasted 1h30. It was very fast! He was almost born in the car! I’m saving it to tell this story on my channel, by the way, “he said.

Actress details beauty routine after being a mother

Giovanna’s beauty is so stunning that it doesn’t even need production. The actress, however, worries about using sunscreen. Afraid of melasma, she became even more aware of the issue. “I am a person who likes the sun a lot, my children also love being in the sun, but I always had the sun protection issue with me. This comes from my mother. I confess that with the rush of three children it is like this: run to pass protector in one, runs to pass in another, but he has already fallen into the pool without a protector … So, sometimes I forget about myself. Because of pregnancy and breastfeeding, I am very worried about the spots and melasmas. We have to take care of yourself a lot. I’m trying to have this time for myself “, he said.

Presenter tells how she maintains skin care

According to Ewbank, she has booked morning and night to have a moment of her own. “It changed my routine a lot. Before I could take care of myself more often. Not now. But I’m not suffering from it, no. I try to optimize my time because I don’t have so much time to take care of my skin in the morning. magical and the night is another magical moment where I breastfeed and Bruno stays with Zyan and the children are playing with them both in bed “, reported youtuber, who has help from her husband in the division of tasks:”Bruno helps me a lot and the children understand this moment that I need to take a shower, apply my cream, remove my makeup … They are respecting these two moments “.

(By Patrícia Dias)


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