Giovanna Antonelli combines a bikini with her daughters and impresses her body. Look!

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Giovanna Antonelli enjoyed Saturday (3) on the beach with her daughters Sofia and Antônia. The actress emerged with the twins in a photo in which they appear matching the bikini, an orange model with one-shoulder top. In the comments, her body drew the attention of followers, who recently were impressed with the abdomen of the 44-year-old celebrity.

Giovanna Antonelli divides opinions by body in photo: ‘Very thin’

Adept of yoga and physical exercises, Giovanna Antonelli left her body on display in beachwear and shared opinions of followers in the post. “She is too thin,” said an internet user. “I love her, but she is very thin,” said one more. “Everything else is bad,” said another about the silhouette of the actress, who is also the mother of Pietro, who turned 15 in May. Other followers praised Giovanna’s physical form. “A body is a body,” said one. “I just wanted to have that negative belly,” wished another. A third Instagram user questioned the actress – who took on the white threads during the quarantine: “Why don’t you give me a tip on that belly? Why do you hide it?”

Giovanna Antonelli’s twin size impresses: ‘How they grew up’

It wasn’t just the actress’s body that generated comments. The size of Sofia and Antonia caught fans of the famous. “It seems like they were born yesterday! The three of them are beautiful and thin,” commented a follower. “How they grew up,” pointed out another. “They are huge,” said one more. The similarity of the girls with the artist was also pointed out by Internet users. “The smile of the three is the same,” said one fan. “They look more like Giovanna than Giovanna herself,” joked another about the actress, who recently combined a look with her three children in a photo.

Giovanna Ewbank recalls panic syndrome: ‘Feeling very cornered’

During participation in “É De Casa”, Giovanna and Reynaldo Gianecchini had fun commenting on the actress’ fear of flying by plane. “Traveling by plane next to her is one of the funniest things in the world. We were sitting next to each other, but with the corridor in the middle. Then when the plane starts to go up, the crazy girl starts screaming. a turbulence, she starts to scream without shame! She goes, takes my hand and screams: ‘Oh my God! I don’t want to disincarnate!’ “, recalled the actor. She said she did not go through this anymore: “He has never traveled with me lately. He will be surprised for the better”. In an old interview, she said she already suffered from panic syndrome, but managed to heal. “I suffered from panic syndrome 20 years ago and probably developed an attention deficit, but my parents didn’t realize it at the time. I remember feeling very cornered, helpless,” he recalled.

(By Laís Fernandes)


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