Gio Ewbank and Bruno Gagliasso have a Halloween party and Títi hides: ‘Fear’

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Youngest son of Gio Ewbank and Bruno Gagliasso is 3 months old

In addition to Títi and Bless, Giovanna Ewbank and Bruno Gagliasso are also parents of Zyan, who turned 3 months old in early October and won a mesversary party with the theme aviator teddy. According to the actor, the celebration was supposed to be simple, just for the family, but ended up gaining airs of overproduction. “He added this super decoration with the sweets that I love … My God! Look at these details, people. What a little thing! Today, my baby is 3 months old and he deserves it”, said the presenter, showing the cake table. Owner of a sweeping pout, Zyan enchants anonymous and famous people like Bruna Marquezine, who was melted by a recent photo of the boy. “A !!! The beak is too much for me”, assumed the artist, who launched youtuber recently.

Bruno Gagliasso paid tribute to his youngest son with a tattoo

Passionate about tattoos, Bruno Gagliasso did not take long to immortalize his youngest son in his body. The actor sought out tattoo artist Sabrina Conde to write in small strokes the name of little Zyan on the outside of his right hand, just above the drawing of a rose that she had already tattooed. Bruno and Giovanna’s first daughter, Títi has 2 tattoos on her father’s body: on his chest, he has the girl’s name in upper case and, on his forearm, he made a realistic drawing of a portrait with her on his lap. Bless, on the other hand, had his face, in realistic strokes, tattooed on the actor’s arm.

Bruno Gagliasso built a tree house for his children

Bruno Gagliasso got his hands dirty to build, with the help of his father-in-law, Roberto Baldacconi, a tree house for his children. “I have been dealing with strong affective memories. While I give life to this project, I remember one of the things I played most during childhood, when I made a tree house with my father, on an aunt’s farm, in the interior of Minas Gerais. “, said the artist.

(By Carmen Moreira)


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