In addition to pandemic jokes, the western United States is plagued by record-breaking heat and forest fires. In the city of Los Angeles, California, the temperature has risen to over 49 degrees.

Earlier, two weeks ago, the hottest place in California, Death Valley, measured 54.4 degrees, the third highest temperature on earth ever. However, older results have been questioned.

Last weekend was record hot in Southern California. The beginning of the week has been promised to bring relief, but not significantly.

According to various media sources, the people have rushed to the beaches, which in turn is considered risky due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Record heatwaves have caused extensive forest fires in the state. Fires have destroyed thousands of residential buildings and killed at least seven of the last three weeks. Hundreds of thousands have been forced to flee their homes.

In the mountains of Santa Monica in Calabas, a woman in her forties is said to have died on a hike. Now hiking trails are closed in the area. Elsewhere, hundreds of hikers have had to be rescued.

A child celebrates a fire

CNNAccording to the Canal, one of California’s numerous forest fires started when a smoking pyrotechnic device caused a spark in El Dorado, San Bernardino County.

An unborn child sex revelation party was underway.

America nowadays celebrates pregnancy, often taking pictures and videos on Instagram. Some sort of explosion reveal the sex of a child in blue or pink coloration.

In 2017, a similar rapture caused a forest fire that resulted in the devastation of eight million bucks. The father received five years of probation and had to pay giant compensation.

Sources: Los Angeles Times, Fresno Bee