Giannakopoulos: “We have two serious proposals for the OEM” NBA

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Dimitris Giannakopoulos revealed in an interview on a TV show that he is in contact with potential buyers for KAE Panathinaikos.

Details of what he said on the TV show “Tik Talk”:

About how he feels now that he has closed the circle of Panathinaikos: “Circles open and close. Sick Panathinaikos from a young child. It was my duty to deal with it when my father and my uncle stopped. We have lived beautiful moments during these eight years. “I announced last year that this thing must be closed.”

For the reasons that led him to this decision: “Above all, the fact that I felt alone at Panathinaikos. It is difficult to put these seasons 8-10-12cm. per year. I may not have been able to do it so easily. Panathinaikos had to be autonomous with its own stadium. “Otherwise I would have said I would leave.”

For the attitude of some fans and if it pushed him to leave: “Finance was a part. I was fighting with everyone and I felt alone: ​​with the Euroleague, the referee, Olympiakos, the world. I said I have to stop at some point. “

On whether there is an interested party to buy the team: “There are a lot of discussions, serious and not. There are one or two that might go ahead. I do not want to go into details and names. “Maybe we have a change in 2020 or in 2021.”

Whether there is a return window: “At 45, I learned never to say. But at the moment it is not in my mind “.

For basketball investments: “Unfortunately, in the field of basketball, it is the Euroleague that does not use the product. Revenues are meager. “Every year you have to put money.”

For the dispute with the Euroleague: “First of all, I do not think they have used the product. It is a closed league, teams cannot enter and leave. Sponsors are specific. “Our proposals were not heeded.”

For Albertis – Diamantidis: “They are flags, they have lived the team. Frangiskos Albertis has been with us since 1990, Dimitris Diamantidis for many years. I am sure that they will succeed in their work “.

On whether this is a bad season for basketball overall: “It is for world sports, not only for Panathinaikos.”

For the conflict with the organized: “It’s not against the organized. There are thousands of organized people, I experience respect every day. “Unfortunately in Greece there is a small group of people who have seized TH13, TH7 or TH21, having their own purposes”.

For the incidents that led to this conflict: “Things have happened that I do not agree with. They broke down doors, knocked on children to get their tickets. I was the first to say we were giving away free tickets. “But I do not accept that they hit people.”

About how it “cleanses” this phenomenon: “If there is a will from the State, there is a way. I am not the only president who has tried to find a solution. If the State was in the mood, it would find the solution “.

For the attack on his house: “These are unacceptable things. It was one of the reasons I said so far and it does not provide “.

On whether the … vendetta is over: “It simply came to our notice then. My circle at Panathinaikos closed and they all closed together “.

For his best time as president: “My first moment is in 1996 when we made all of Greece proud with the first European. As president, I would say the first “Pavlos Giannakopoulos” tournament “.

On whether he likes to be called president: Half of Greece turns to the word “president”. I prefer Dimitris “.

For the 450m. spent by his family at Panathinaikos: “Neither my father nor I got into the process of counting money. When my cycle ended, a very close associate of my father, Michalis Georgantis, told me that we had put 450 million out of our pocket. I shivered. It’s not a lie, it’s true. “

Whether he regrets something that happens on the pitch: “Too much, we will need ten shows to discuss them.”

For the incident he would like to delete: “There are too many, I can not choose one.”


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