Ghostbusters Legacy, what we know about the new Ghostbusters 3

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Jason Reitman’s film aims to “put the series back in the hands of fans” after the ill-fated 2016 reboot attempt.

Ghostbusters: Legacy, arriving in June 2021, proposes to go back to the origins, placing this official sequel in the continuity represented by Ghostbusters – Ghostbusters (1984) e Ghostbusters II (1989). Follow us in this FAQ to try to better understand what awaits us in this particular experiment …

Update October 23, 2020: release date still postponed to June 2021
Update September 30, 2020: Ernie Hudson on the Ghostbusters Legacy Miracle.
Update July 10, 2020: corrected the introduction with the new release date, after the postponement due to the Covid-19 emergency
Update January 24, 2020: official confirmation of the presence of Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and the old cast
Update December 9, 2019: new Italian title and first trailer
Update December 4, 2019: article updated with the final and official title of the film, Ghostbusters: Legacy!
Update November 10, 2019: unofficially confirmed the presence of Bill Murray!

Is there an Italian trailer for Ghostbusters Legacy?

Of course, we embed it below, along with the teaser trailer from a few months ago. We know what you’re thinking: but is there anyone missing, if this film is inserted in the original continuity? Keep reading our FAQ …

Who created and who makes Ghostbusters Legacy?

Directs it Jason Reitman, son ofIvan Reitman author of historical bilogy, here as a producer. It is not a case of recommendation, given that Jason is one of the highest rated directors of contemporary American independent cinema. This is sincere affection from Reitman Jr., visiting his father’s set in the the eighties, when he was only seven years old.
Who writes it? The screenplay was written by the director himself with Gil Kenan | of Human and the remake of Poltergeist. However, it comes from an idea of ​​Jason: “A character came to me. A girl of 12. I did not know who she was or why she came to mind, but I saw her with the proton backpack in her hand. And I wrote this story. A story that took shape over several years, to be honest. It started with a girl and suddenly became the story of a family. “
Reitman jr. he had the merit of starting the project in earnest, as he confirmed Ernie Hudson in September 2020: “It was even before I got the script, Ivan Reitman and Jason Reitman called me, we talked and only then I said: okay, it’s going to happen for real. Because there have been a lot of announcements and so many things are faded. ”

What is the plot of Ghostbusters Legacy?

The main protagonists of the film are one single mother (Carrie Coon), who in a small American town manages the children played by Finn Wolfhard of Stranger Things e Mckenna Grace. The Ant-Man of the Marvel Universe, Paul Rudd, joined the cast as the teacher in a summer school attended by the two young protagonists; however, the man would also be a seismologist, intrigued by earthquakes occurring in the area. We’d bet on this like McGuffin in history.
Well, what sequel is it then? Where are Venkman, Stantz, Winston? Calm down, Reitman tells us this about the new protagonists: “You don’t know what connection they have with the original characters. And they don’t know yet either.” In the teaser you could already see the Cadillac historical team abandoned in a barn. In the new trailer, it seems to intuit that the little family has a kinship with one of the Ghostbusters: is Egon Spengler the “grandfather” we are talking about?

In Ghostbusters Legacy ci saranno Bill Murray, Sigourney Weaver, Ernie Hudson, Dan Aykroyd, Rick Moranis?

In a set visited told in January 2020 by Vanity Fair, it was officially confirmed that the old cast returns to almost-complete in Ghostbusters Legacy: only Rick Moranis, faithful to his retirement, and of course Harold Ramis alias Egon, deceased, are missing. in 2014. It also seems that the historical actors only worked for a week, confirming that they will not have a leading role in the story. Their presence, however, would go beyond the simple cameo.
Wasn’t it once said that Venkman would return as a ghost? There were rumors about it when one of the thousand previous versions of Ghostbusters 3 failed to take off, in an attempt to convince an insatiable Bill Murray with something original. The idea is definitely not confirmed for Ghostbusters Legacy.
Without Spengler it won’t be the same Ghostbusters … We agree with you, but it has recently been remastered Ghostbusters – The Videogame, title for Windows, Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Switch: it was made in 2009, presented an original story cooked with scraps of the various drafts not approved for Ghostbusters 3, and above all it presented the good old protagonists, voiced by the real actors, Murray and Ramis included!

Does Ghostbusters Legacy have ties to the female reboot Ghostbusters (2016)?

No, Jason has confirmed that that feature will be ignored in the story, arousing the ire of one of the actresses, Leslie Jones. In reality, both Reitman and Aykroyd have praised some aspects of the reboot: the acting of the protagonists, the idea of ​​the ghostbuster as a profession that can be embraced by anyone. In any case, Ghostbusters Legacy is not a reboot, at least in the literal sense.
But why hasn’t Ghostbusters 3 been made earlier, perhaps when Harold Ramis / Spengler was still alive? Dan Aykroyd has tried hard, ever since the nineties, with a Ghostbusters III Hellbent where everyone ended up in hell, in the company of cadet ghost catchers to pass the baton to. Although Columbia was interested, all colleagues refused to participate. Since the early 2000s, Dan has returned to the office with projects on the same tenor, with one combination of old and new ghostbusters, increasingly supported by Ramis and Ivan Reitman, but often sarcastically opposed by Murray. The death of Harold ramis in 2014 it discouraged Dan and Ivan, leading to the reboot we know of. That Jason’s enthusiasm was what it took to really unlock the situation and “return the saga to the fans“, as Reitman Jr. promised?


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