He acquired the surprising information yesterday from the physician, after arriving for the take a look at he did on Saturday. The singer of people music believes that he took the virus from a visit he made to the salt mine in Prahova.

“I used to be very chilly, I am higher now. The physician gave me an antibiotic for per week, and on Saturday I did the covid take a look at and I by no means left the home. I acquired the information yesterday, however now I am significantly better. I additionally had a chilly in my lungs, and now it is in my voice. Nonetheless, I made a lightweight kind, in comparison with many different individuals. And my son-in-law did, however I do not assume I took it from him, somewhat from the journey. I went to the salt mine in Prahova and there have been few levels. Initially, my ladies had been scared, however now once they noticed that they’re nonetheless significantly better, they calmed down “, mentioned Gheorghe Turda for Click on.ro.

Gheorghe Turda has been a widower for over 10 years and has relationship together with his daughters, Anca Ioana and Elena Voichiţa, who made him a grandfather. “Now I’ll keep at house for 14 days or so long as I have to be nicely, that’s necessary,” says Turda.

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