Of course, if the family is larger, just having a PC is not enough in the above context, because you will need at least one operating system and a suitable suite of programs to be able to carry out your work and studies at the same time. . So, it’s always a good time to get original licenses updated for Office suites and pre-installed Windows systems. And buying them at a discounted price is a benefit you can enjoy now.

Currently, about 80% of home computers use Windows operating systems (16% MacOS and the remaining 4% UNIX distributions) because it is a versatile operating system, very easy to use even for novice users and most applications are based on in applicability on it. Something similar happens with the Office suite, because although there are free options such as OpenOffice or LibreOffice, they do not have the same functionality as the Microsoft suite.

If you need genuine licenses, either for Office or for Windows 10 systems installed on your computer, you can get them at the best price.

Licenses for Office and Microsoft Windows 10 at the best price

Below are some examples of licenses you can obtain within www.G2Deal.com, an online store dedicated exclusively to purchasing digital software licenses at a reasonable price, much less than the cost of those purchased through the Microsoft site. These licenses come from obsolete OEM equipment, whose licenses have been legally reactivated.

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For Windows programs:
For Office suites:
For the complete Windows + Office package:

Why is it important to purchase original licenses?

Many people find that the original licenses required to update operating systems installed on their computer or laptop are very expensive, so they prefer to download and use “pirated” or keygens-enabled software, for example. These less secure home activation methods usually block the operating system update mechanism. Therefore, they leave users exposed to possible vulnerabilities or security threats, in addition to blocking them from installing the latest operating system and office suite features.

Therefore, holding the original licenses is the only way to have the latest functionality and features of Windows and Office and provides the necessary protection against viruses and other forms of malware that can act on data security. By installing the original versions you will benefit from the latest security updates.

The price of licenses sold under www.G2deal.com it’s a convenient one so don’t consider using pirated software, really. Licenses are perpetual, so they will not have to be repurchased and there will also be no need to pay a monthly subscription fee.