Germany will pay parents an aid of 300 euros per child to face the crisis of the pandemic

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Since Monday, the German Government grants extra help to German families to face the economic consequences of the crisis generated by the coronavirus pandemic. Specific, pay 300 euros per child to the parents of 18 million children living in the country to encourage consumption and reduce the impact of the situation on the day-to-day of minors.

Thus, the Family Benefits Office will give 200 euros in September and 100 in October to the parents, who they will not need to request this help, but they will receive it automatically along with the money that the registered children already receive, called Kindergeld, which ranges from 192 to 223 euros, as reported by the German newspaper image. Also, all children will receive a ‘coronavirus bonus’ in December.

Single parents will also receive this help, as will separated parents. In fact, according to the German newspaper, if the minor lives with the mother and the father pays a monthly pension, or vice versa, he may discount half during these two months. That is, you can enter 100 euros less in September and 50 less in October.

This measure has generated controversy among members of the Association of Single Mothers and Fathers. “The child allowance is necessary where the child has the center of his life“, has criticized.

At the end of August, Germany already approved that parents have five additional days off per year, which are added to the ten that already correspond to them by law to care for a sick child, the Chancellor agreed on Thursday. In the case of single-parent families, the additional days will even amount to ten.

Currently, the law provides for employees with public health insurance ten days’ leave and the right to receive benefits per day not worked for each sick child, up to a maximum of 25 working days per year.



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