Germany passes the milestone of million confirmed corona infections

Germany has passed the mark of one million positive corona tests, according to the latest figures from the Robert Koch-Institut (RKI), the German counterpart of the RIVM. In addition, 426 deaths have been reported, a day record for the country.

No relaxation in sight for the time being

The number of new positive tests has increased for the fourth day in a row. However, the difference between Thursday and Friday is smaller than between the days before.

The RKI reported 22,805 new infections on Friday, more than 500 more than 24 hours earlier. On Wednesday it was about 18,500 new infections and on Tuesday there were 13,500. In the three days before, the number of new infections had fallen sharply every day.

In the past 24 hours, 426 reports of corona-related deaths were received in Germany. A day earlier, 389 deaths were registered. The total official death toll from the lung virus so far stands at 15,586.

The contamination figures are no longer growing exponentially, but the development of the figures is not yet positive enough, according to German Chancellor Merkel. It appears that Germany has reached the plateau.

Merkel sees no reason to relax the corona measures. There has been a partial lockdown since the beginning of November. Cafés, restaurants, theaters and gyms are closed. The restrictions last until December 20, but will likely be extended until early January, Merkel said.

A maximum of ten people are now allowed to come together, but that will be five people from 1 December. In most German states the halving of the maximum group size around Christmas is temporarily reversed. However, people are urged to avoid social contact one week before the family visits.



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