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The German Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against all unnecessary trips to the Netherlands. The advice applies from Saturday 0.00 am, reports the German ministry Thursday.

Travel advice for parts of other countries has also been tightened

The decision was made because of the increasing number of positive tests in the Netherlands. On Thursday, almost eight thousand new infections were reported in the Netherlands, a new day record. Over 48,000 positive tests have been reported by GGDs in recent days.

Germany already designated the province of Zeeland as a risk area on Wednesday, making the entire country a risk area.

Previously, Germany advised against traveling to certain parts of the Netherlands. In addition to the Netherlands, the negative travel advice also applies apply (PDF) for France, Malta and Slovakia.

Germany is also tightening up travel advice for parts of other European countries, including Italy, Croatia, Ireland, Sweden and Portugal.

The Netherlands has currently issued the travel advice ‘yellow’ for Germany. This means that there are safety risks associated with travel. The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs reports that the travel advice will not be further tightened. People must be able to submit a negative corona test upon entry. If someone does not have it, this must be done upon arrival in Germany.

The number of new infections in Germany has also been increasing rapidly in recent weeks. On Thursday, the Robert Koch-Institut (RKI), the German equivalent of the RIVM, reported 6,638 new corona infections. That’s the largest number since March 28 (6,293 positive tests).

Ernst Kuipers, chairman of the National Network Acute Care, said on Thursday that Dutch corona patients may be moved to Germany again on Friday or Saturday. This is because the capacity of Dutch hospitals may no longer be sufficient. Germany also came to the rescue during the first wave.

On Thursday there will be a total of 1,526 corona patients in Dutch hospitals, 51 more than the day before. 313 of them are in intensive care, 12 more than Wednesday.



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