The movement has been proposed by NATO’s mission in Kabul because the conclusion of the summer and isn’t a response to the week’s statement from the United States to decrease forces in Afghanistan by 4,500 to 2,500 troops by mid-January. declared a spokesman for the German Joint Operations Control.
The withdrawal of international forces, even though peace talks are postponed, could mean higher Taliban influence in Afghanistan, signaling new issues for a nation torn apart by war within the last two decades and seriously affected from the Covid-19 outbreak.
Germany started redeploying roughly 100 soldiers in the Kunduz camp a week before, the spokesman said.
If military information is necessary in Kunduz later on, German troops will be delivered here from a bigger foundation in Mazar-i-Sharif, where roughly 1,000 German soldiers have been stationed.
Using a power of 1,200 troops, Germany deployed the next biggest contingent in Afghanistan following the United States.
Kunduz has a symbolic significance for the German military and people, since Germany dropped here the most significant number of soldiers following the conclusion of World War II.