Trump has repeatedly criticized Germany on the grounds that the defense budget is less than 2% of GDP, a goal set by the North Atlantic Alliance for its member states, Reuters reports.

German Foreign Minister Heiko Mass said in an interview with German public radio (Deutschlandfunk) that he did not think the issue would be as much in Joe Biden’s attention as it was in Donald Trump’s term. The latter is also of the opinion that the dispute over military spending will not end during the Biden administration, but he is convinced that it will take place in a different style.

In mid-June, Donald Trump announced that he would reduce the number of US troops stationed in Germany to a total of 25,000, arguing that Berlin was “behind” NATO payments. The Washington administration leader then accused Germany of mistreating the United States over trade. “So if we hurt trade, we hurt NATO,” Trump said. He accused other countries of taking advantage of America’s generosity, but stressed that “the worst profiteer is Germany.”