Germany and Belgium brace for more rain

Belgium and Germany are still struggling to deal with the flooding, but new rain is on its way. Authorities are cautious. They carry sandbags everywhere.

It has been almost dry for one week, and the water level in Limburg and Wallonia could drop. However, heavy thunderstorms are predicted next weekend. This is concerning, considering that the dikes and retention basins are still full. On television channel VTM, David Dehenauw assures that “it will not be a repetition of what happened last Wednesday.”

However, weak sections of Halen’s dike, Belgium-Limburg, have been reinforced with sandbags to protect them. Mayor Erik Van Roelen explained that these sandbags were taken when danger appeared to have passed and are being reused.

Roelen, mayor of Roelen, stated that “we should not panic but be alert.”

The national crisis center states that authorities in Hainaut, Flemish Brabant and elsewhere are closely monitoring developments. Hainaut’s Aiseau-Presles is experiencing new rainfall, which “poses a risk for new flooding.” Flemish Brabant is also at risk because the catchment basins of the river Demer are almost empty. Limburg is the same.

Germany continues to clean up the aftermath, while also searching for survivors and bodies of victims. Although the official death toll has been reached at 177, more than 100 people are still missing.

In Germany, rain is also expected. Heavy rains are possible for areas affected by the storm this weekend.

‘Local storms’ will occur in various parts of Rhineland-Palatinate, according to DWD’s weather report. Some areas will see rain while others will experience thunderstorms. Rhineland-Palatinate is a good example of this. There are 4,500 firefighters, volunteers, and military personnel who still provide assistance.

No emergency alerts were issued.



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