The Executive Bureau of the AfD group in the Lower House of the German Parliament unanimously decided to exclude Christian Lüth from the party without notice.

This AfD frame was recorded in February by a television crew. In this discussion, Christian Lüth called for “more refugees to come” because, in his opinion, “the worse the situation in Germany, the better for AfD”.

He said in this discussion – revealed on Monday by the private television station ProSieben – that “we can then execute them all by shooting. That’s not a problem at all. Or gas them or whatever. I do not care!”.

Christian Lüth’s name is not explicitly mentioned in the show broadcast on Monday night, but several publications recognized him and AfD decided to fire him.

Christian Lüth, 44, was suspended from the AfD in April after claiming “Aryan” origins and calling himself a “fascist”.

He has been part of the AfD since 2013 and has been the spokesman for the AfD parliamentary group since the party entered the Bundestag in 2017.

This scandal comes in the context in which AfD, the main opposition party in the Bundestag, has been torn apart for months by rivalries and settlements between its more moderate wing and its more radical wing, close to the neo-Nazi movements.

The radical wing of the AfD, which has an increasing influence, militates in favor of the end of the culture of atonement for the crimes committed by the Nazi regime during 1933-1945.

German police have recently placed the radical wing of the AfD under surveillance because of the threat it poses to the German democratic state.