German police deploy water cannons to end corona protest in Berlin

German police deployed water cannons in Berlin on Wednesday to disperse a demonstration of opponents of the corona measures. The police had recently ended the demonstration and ordered the demonstrators to leave. Hundreds of protesters did not respond, and the police acted.

Harassed politicians

The police said they were pelted with stones and bottles by protesters and some protesters used pepper spray. The police also used pepper spray.

An estimated five to ten thousand people took part in the demonstration near parliament on Wednesday. The demonstration began according to The mirror quiet, but as the day progressed the atmosphere grew grimmer.

The police ended the demonstration because the participants did not comply with the corona rules. They did not wear a face mask and did not keep enough distance. At 2 p.m. 190 people had already been arrested. Nine police officers have been injured so far.

The Bundestag, where the parliament was meeting on amendments to the law on the corona measures, was closed by the police. In a previous demonstration, demonstrators had stormed the Bundestag.

MPs accuse colleagues of the populist AfD party of driving opponents of the corona measures into the parliament building. They then harassed politicians by filming them showy and making comments about their corona policy.

That happened to Minister of Economic Affairs Peter Altmaier, among others. Normally, MPs are allowed to bring in up to six people without prior security screening. They are then responsible for their actions.



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