Germán Martitegui, from MasterChef Celebrity: the new villain on TV

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Controversial in his returns, the renowned chef is a member of the Telefe reality jury and within a week he became the figure most feared by the participants. But who is behind the character?

Germán Martitegui was only one week old to become the new tv villain. A record rarely achieved by someone outside of fiction. The renowned chef is one of the juries of MasterChef Celebrity (at 10:30 p.m., by Telefe) and from that role he exercises his dreaded work.

Every night, from his platform in the reality show together with Donato De Santis and Damián Betular, he tastes, judges and evaluates the dishes prepared by famous participants. It makes faces, sometimes indecipherable. And aspiring cooks, they tremble.

This is not the first time that Martitegui is part of a gastronomic jury; it already did in previous editions of MasterCherf (without celebrities) between 2014 and 2016, where he also shared his role with Donato and the Frenchman Christophe Krywonis, and then also in MasterChef Junior.

But it is in this new edition of the program, now with well-known figures from other fields, that Martitegui brought out his most demanding side. So much that some recriminate a trait of cruelty in their comments.

I don’t care that they are very famous. Here they are one more, “he clarified to the participants at the beginning of the competition. And he planted his position, with the face of few friends.

Thanks to the rating that places reality as the most watched on television, his figure quickly became very popular in recent days. And with that exposure came the comments and criticism from social networks, mainly from the followers and fans of celebrities in the race who blame him for his ultra-demanding stance.

The cook has already challenged several of the participants and he had his run-ins with Fede Bal, with Kapanga’s Mono, with Turco García, with Leticia Siciliani, with Claudia Villafañe and with Roberto Moldavsky. Nacho Sureda, the first eliminated, he assured him that some of the mistakes of his last dish were “insurmountable”.

Real profile or exaggerated character for television? Martitegui assures that he asks the participants what he should demand of any aspiring chef. Although it does not express it so clearly, its most sensitive side also appears in returns, excited for some flavor.

Considered by many as the best Argentine cook, at 54 years old Martitegui has an international level career that started over 30 years ago.

Born in Necochea, He was passionate about cooking from a very young age, thanks to his grandmothers. His beginnings were only 19 years old, in the kitchen of the Hotel La Cascada, in Bariloche.

And then he learned with the best gastronomy references, such as Beatriz Chomnalez and Francis Mallmann, among others, of whom he was an assistant.

As a good chef who prides himself on such, Martitegui also learned a lot from his travels around the world. In Los Angeles, Paris and Madrid he incorporated gastronomic techniques and tricks with some of the best chefs in the world.

In 2001 he launched his own restaurant, Olsen, in Buenos Aires; then came Casa Cruz and, in 2009, Tegui, which received several international recognitions.

In 2013 the English specialized magazine Restaurant highlighted Tegui as the best restaurant in Argentina. And later, the place was among the 50 best in Latin America. The same magazine located it in 2015 among the 100 best in the world, ranked 83.

Always ready to try new things, Tegui was followed by another more experimental gastronomic venture, Marti, playing once more with the syllables of his last name. But the pandemic and quarantine put the project on hold, for now.

Outside the chambers and burners MasterChef Celebrity, Martitegui maintains a very low profile, as father of a single parent family.


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