Gerardo Tata Martino finally spoke about his relationship with Lionel Messi and made an energetic denial

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The current coach of Mexico was asked if it was difficult to manage Leo and he was forceful with his response.

Just over a month ago, Andoni Zubizarreta, former goalkeeper and Sports Director of Barcelona, ​​ignited the controversy in Spain when he referred to an alleged dialogue between Gerardo Martino and Lionel Messi in the 2013-2014 season, when the Tata He was a Barsa coach. While in the world Culé It was not the first time that that particular phrase of the current coach of the Mexican team was mentioned, until now no employee or former employee of the club had referred to the issue, so his statements had a strong impact on the Iberian country.

“The Tata Martino, when he was at the Barsa, would say to Leo: ‘I know that if you call the president, he will kick me out, but hell, you don’t have to show me every day. I already know, ‘”Zubizarreta expressed in an extensive note with Vicente Del Bosque.

Last week, also with Del Bosque as an interviewer, Quique Setién, who was fired from Barsa after the historic defeat against Bayern Munich in the Champions League, revealed the complications he had to handle Messi in his brief time at the club and, when asked about the supposed phrase of the Tata To Leo, Setién did not hesitate and replied: “I don’t need anyone to tell me what Martino or another said. I have lived it. I have had enough experiences to make an exact assessment of how this boy and the others really are.”

After the impact of the words of Zubizarreta and Setién, Martino decided to break the silence, spoke of his relationship with Leo and did not avoid the question about the controversial phrase attributed to him: “I never expressed those words. That is the responsibility of the former Sports Director Zubizarreta, from what I read, in a note with Vicente Del Bosque. And in any case, if I had something to say now or before, I would have said it to the footballer. Those words never came out of my mouth. I have nothing to say about it”.

In addition, in dialogue with the journalist Miguel GurwitzHe added: “I never said it. Because, furthermore, since I left Barcelona and since I left the National Team, I have not given notes in Spain or in Argentina, so it is very difficult for me to have been able to say that publicly” .

And when asked if it was difficult to manage Messi, Martino replied: “It’s a matter of the past. Now I’m the coach of Mexico. I believe that people have to do and say things at the moment in which we are in the place. After that it has no validity. I already expressed myself in those moments and there is nothing that changes my opinion. My stay in Barcelona passed a long time ago. There is nothing to add”.

“For me, having 14 years as a coach, arriving in Barcelona was a learning process. Nobody told me what it was going to be like to arrive in Barcelona,” he closed.


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