Biden won by a margin of just 12,670 votes in Georgia, or 0.26% of the nearly 5 million votes counted in the state, according to official certification. Thus, the 16 voters in the National Electoral College of the United States belong to the Democratic candidate.

As Secretary of State, I think the numbers are correct. The figures reflect the verdict of the people, not a decision of the chancellery of the secretary of state or of the courts or of one of the electoral teams “, said the state secretary of Georgia, Brad Raffensperger.

Although certification of election results is usually a formality, the process has become a new battlefield in the attempt incumbent President Donald Trump to stay in the White House. His team of campanie trying to block or delay certification in key states in hopes that vto overthrow Biden’s victory through the Electoral College, reports CNN, quoted by Digi 24.

This thing devine practically impossible if key states certify their presidential results before December 8, the deadline under federal law. Now that Georgia’s results have been certified, Congress is bound to the respect.

The Republican leadership of the state of Georgia, attacked by Trump

Republican Raffensberger opposed the effort made by Trump and his allies from to undermine the vote-counting process in the state and firmly defended the integrity of Georgia’s presidential race.

After certifying the results, Trump has the right to request a recount of votes in Georgia, because of the narrow margin. The deadline is Tuesday afternoon.

The Republican governor al Georgiei, Brian Kemp, must sign by Saturday documents that assigned officially whati 16 his constituents Georgia Biden, according to state law.

Îbefore the audit, Kemp l-a urgeat on Raffensberger to seriously consider any allegation of wrongdoingi la vot”, îunder the conditions in which Trump and team to have released numerous accusations looking massive irregularities and fraud in Georgia.

Trump s-a folosit de Twitter to urge Kemp to “get tough” and make a statethe to “at fault Republican ”, even if the voters in Georgia l-they claimed Democrat Joe Biden. Moreover, the incumbent president encouraged Kemp to “take the lead” after it became clear that the audit did not reveal widespread irregularities.

Dar Trump l-a and attacked Kemp, blaming him for a legal agreement the state reached earlier this year with democracykeep on ballot papers by mail. Raffensberger’s office said Trump wrongly characterized the agreement, known as the consent decree, which he falsely claimed that provides less checkcountries for these ballot papers.

Trump’s reaction

Donald Trump reacted on Twitter after certifying the result in Georgia.

The governor of Georgia and the secretary of state refuse to let us analyze the signatures that would expose hundreds of thousands of illegal ballots and would give the Republican Party and me a GREAT VICTORY. Why don’t they do it and why are they in such a hurry to certify a meaningless result? ”He wrote.