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After three days, President Donald Trump’s lead in the state of Georgia came to an end on Friday morning. Joe Biden has been on his heels since Wednesday and the state now seems to be winning. The state will then turn blue instead of red for the first time in 28 years. What does this mean for a possible result?

Which other states are forgivable?

In our live blog we will keep you informed of the latest developments.

At the moment, Biden is still on 253 electoral votes, just like last days (we count in contrast to AP in Fox News Arizona not yet in this, ed.) And Trump at 214. Should Biden Georgia win, he will get sixteen electors and he will come to a total of 269 – just one too few to officially call him the 46th president.

Unofficially, many media will already be heading in that direction in their analyzes, because Biden also has a good chance of bringing in even more states. And he only needs one more. Trump, on the other hand, if he does not win Georgia, will no longer have a chance to win the necessary 270 electoral votes.

If we add up all the remaining electors that can still be won, he can only end up with 269 – one too few. In theory, a tie can therefore arise. Then there is a situation where the House of Representatives makes a final decision: each state delegation (50) gets one vote, and whoever obtains a majority (26) wins. The Senate then elects the vice president in the same way.

Besides Georgia, there are five other states to be forgiven: Alaska, Arizona, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Nevada. We list them briefly:

Alaska (3 electorial votes) is the least exciting. With nearly 50 percent of the votes counted, Trump is well ahead. He now has almost twice as many votes as Biden. But with this state, Trump is of course far from there.

Trump is also currently ahead in North Carolina (15 electors) and Pennsylvania (20 electors), but this is where Biden is also following him because of the postal votes that are still being counted. This is because Democratic voters in particular voted in this way.

Nevada (6 electors) and Arizona (11 electors) have faded into the background a bit, but no less interesting. In both states, Biden currently has the lead: AP in Fox News even gave Arizona to the Democrat on Wednesday. According to CNN and the New York Times however, they were far too premature. Unlike in Pennsylvania and North Carolina, many votes still counted here do go to Trump. The question is therefore whether Biden will still maintain this state.

Nevada also looks very good for the Democrat on paper, but here only 84 percent of the vote is counted. However, it may be that Biden’s lead is so great that the media will assign this state to him.

Since they are still busy counting in Georgia, their eyes are now also on Pennsylvania. The president is still about eighteen thousand votes ahead of Biden around 12 noon Dutch time.



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