Georgia expects a recount, all eyes now on Pennsylvania

Georgia, a pivotal state in the American election race between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, is likely to recount the votes. State Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger reported this in a press conference on Friday.

Attention is shifting to Pennsylvania

“With such a small margin, we have to start counting again,” said Raffensperger.

Georgia is a neck-and-neck race. Joe Biden has taken the lead with just 1,579 votes and 99 percent of the votes have already been counted. Both Biden and Trump currently hold 49.4 percent of the vote in the state.

Trump was still in the lead in Georgia until Friday morning, but Biden had been chasing him since Wednesday.

Georgia is a pivotal state in the running for president. Should Biden Georgia win, he will get sixteen electoral votes to make a total of 269. That’s just one too few to officially call him the 46th president.

Biden then only has to win one state from Alaska, Arizona, Nevada, North Carolina and Pennsylvania, the other five states where no winner has yet been declared. If Trump does not win Georgia, he will no longer have a chance to win the necessary 270 electoral votes. In theory, there can only be a tie.

If Georgia finally turns blue (Democratic vote), it will be the first time in 28 years. So it will only take a while before we really know that.

This shifts the focus completely to Pennsylvania. If Biden takes Pennsylvania ‘s twenty electoral votes, the race is over. He then comes to a total of 273.

At the moment, Biden is narrowly leading the state with a lead of nearly seven thousand votes. 95 percent of the votes in Pennsylvania are now counted. More than 100,000 votes have yet to be counted, but Biden got 87 percent of the last batch announced.

It is therefore quite possible that American media will already ‘give away’ this state to Biden before they have finished counting and declare Biden as the new president.



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