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In the US state of Georgia, a recount of the votes in the elections earlier this month was completed on Thursday. Nothing changed in the end result: Democrat Joe Biden has conquered the former Republican stronghold.

Fight for votes in Wayne County drags on

Biden’s lead over President Donald Trump shrank from about 14,000 votes to 12,284.

The election fraud that the Republicans accuse Democrats of was out of the question, but the recount revealed several errors.

More than 3,300 votes on memory cards were found not to be loaded into the electoral computers and in Floyd county 2,600 other votes were not processed due to an error by a voter.

By law in Georgia, the final election results must be in by Friday. That means President Trump and the Republicans don’t have much time to challenge the results of the recount in court.

In several other states, such as Pennsylvania and Michigan, the president and his associates are still in legal battle. It does not yield many successes. Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, announced on Thursday that a lawsuit in Michigan will be called off.

In a county in that state, Wayne, there is disagreement over the confirmation of the final result by the local electoral council. Two Republican members of that council announced in a public meeting on Tuesday that they did not want to do so. After being inundated with criticism from the public, they reverted to it and the results were approved.

However, both Republicans signed a statement on Wednesday, withdrawing those votes. They are said to have voted in favor only because of “intense harassment and coercion” at the meeting and feared for their safety and that of their families.

Wayne County includes the city of Detroit, where Biden won an overwhelming victory. According to the Republicans, there was widespread fraud there. They have not been able to demonstrate this in various court cases.

Trump allies tell various US media outlets, including APthat the president’s goal is not to change the election results. He wants to keep his loyal supporters motivated and energized, they say, so that they will support him on his next project after his presidency. Trump has hinted at starting his own digital news medium or making another shot at the White House in 2024.



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