The difference with which the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, won the elections in this state was less than 0.5%, 14,111 votes.
“Mathematically, a complete, manual recount must be made of all the ballots in each county because the difference is so small. This will help build trust. We want to start this recount before the end of the week, “Georgian Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger was quoted as saying at a news conference.
Raffensperger has given assurances that all allegations of election fraud will be investigated. However, he did not appear to know of any cases with clear evidence of widespread election fraud.
Georgia was won at the limit by Joe Biden, being one of the states considered extremely competitive, but essential for Donald Trump’s efforts. Joe Biden, however, does not need to win Georgia’s votes in the Electoral College, as he has already counted over 270 after winning in Pennsylvania. Certifying the result in Georgia, most likely given that the recounts did not generally produce upheavals, and keeping the score in Arizona, would lead to a total of 306 votes in the Electoral College for the Democratic candidate.