George Russell: Rules need to be revised

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After the eventful Tuscany Grand Prix, George Russell hopes that the FIA ​​will revise some of the rules.

George Russell: “The main problem is the ability to change tires when the race is stopped. We had a good strategy, the tires worked great, and then all of a sudden everyone got the opportunity to take a pit stop and choose any tires without wasting time. I was driving in front of Charles, he did not enter the pits – he was lucky with red flags, he made a pit stop and outstripped me on fresher tires. I ended up losing the position to Charles during the red flags.

“Free” pit stops cannot be allowed. You must stay on the tires that you were on when the race was stopped. Teams plan strategy based on the usual course of events and do not take into account that it will be interrupted twice by red flags.

Standing starts are interesting for the fans. Such starts make sense in rainy conditions, but not after red flags … In the middle of a race, everyone has a different amount of fuel. Usually at the start we have more than 100 kg of fuel, and at the restart in Mugello it was about 40 kg – this seriously affects the behavior of the car. This is an unknown factor, and someone did everything right, and someone did not. Everything turns into a lottery, and that’s not why we’re here. We want to find out who is the fastest and most deserves to win. In Monza and Mugello, a restart shuffled all the cards.

The restart incident could have been avoided if the safety car had extinguished the lights earlier. I don’t know why this is so late this year. This forces the leader of the race to start later – he can not pick up the pace in the last corner, and that’s the whole problem. The incident was inevitable. I saw that one of the riders accelerated, then slowed down and accelerated again.

I was lucky to avoid an accident. As soon as everyone slowed down, I looked in the mirrors, saw the chaos behind and to avoid it, I pressed the gas pedal again. It is unacceptable for riders to slow down and accelerate again in such a situation.



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