Geisy Arruda has a censored photo on Instagram and complains: ‘Hypocrisy’. Look!

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Geisy Arruda complained about a photo censored by Instagram. In the post taken down, the model was posing in a top, leaving part of the six on display, without panties and with a bucket. This Wednesday (30th), the influencer compared the situation of the knocked down click with that of Zé Neto, of the duo with Cristiano, who went viral with a publication on the beach during holidays on the coast of Bahia. “The face of those who had the photo censored, they threw my bucket away! Zé Neto was a volume, I was just a bucket. Anyway, hypocrisy”, he said.

Geisy Arruda complains about criticism of her sexy photos

Previously, Geisy was bothered by the repercussion of Zé Neto’s photo with a volume in his trunks. The youtuber criticized the fact that the reaction is uneven when she publishes a sensual click herself. “When the nudes and ‘volumes’ of the famous men leak, it is just a ‘seal’. They gain followers, sponsors and the ‘thrilled’. When it comes from a woman: ‘Wow! The end of the world’. I’m just seeing this hypocrisy , because when I post a sensual photo, they send me to accept Jesus and follow the light. Now, when it’s a stuffed swimwear it’s ‘mara!”, he wrote on Twitter.

Model comments on Bruna Marquezine’s body

In an interview, Geisy already said that the demand for having a lean physique is constant and cited Bruna Marquezine, one of her motivations for returning to the gym. I’m charged all the time. We are very demanding in terms of aesthetics. They sell a beauty for us, a ‘Bruna Marquezine pattern’, which is very difficult to have. And you start to think that if you don’t have Bruna Marquezine’s “gominhos”, you are not beautiful. Bruna has her beauty and you have yours. There are those who like Bruna and there are those who like their way too “, he commented.

Youtuber details aesthetic procedures

Always very sincere, Geisy does not hide the interventions he has already performed on the body. “I put on silicone and underwent rhinoplasty – one of the surgeries that change people -, which made my face more delicate. I underwent liposuction and underwent intimate surgery, which helped me mainly with self-esteem. I was ashamed to have sex with the light on. It is a surgery that you cut the excess of the vaginal lips. All of my surgeries were done with my money, consciously and for my good. I don’t regret any! I would do everything again if necessary “, he declared to the Purepeople.

(By Patrícia Dias)


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