Geisy Arruda delivers secret to wearing beachwear with body: ‘Low carb diet’

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Geisy Arruda has a trick to enjoy the summer with her body. Owner of a stylish beachwear, the model indicates care with food during the season. “There is nothing better than before you take a trip or any other tour that you will wear swimwear to focus on a diet. I reduce carbohydrate consumption and I eat a low carb diet because it gets dry. I feel good! The body and skin A week before I follow a little more restricted diet, but to feel good and travel with self-esteem up there. Some tricks make all the difference “, he says to Purepeople.

Geisy Arruda tells how to hide body imperfections

Geisy also says that tanning helps to soften imperfections such as stretch marks and cellulite. “Bronze is a beautiful trick because it hides cellulite. When you get a nice light in a nice place, like the bottom of a pool or a tree, the body bronze covers imperfections. It is my master trick. In relation to the filter, I like to warm up the photos. Sometimes I use oil to shine and enhance the bronze even more, especially when I’m taking pictures of lingerie “, she highlights.

Model keeps her summer tan all year long

Owner of exorbitant beauty, Geisy also mentions the importance of light skin for the photos. “In a bikini, I usually use my bronze, a good light, an angle and, of course, a good background. The background of the photo is important. But I leave to take the pictures at the end of the day after getting the bronze, when I already have flawless skin. I never shoot at the beginning of the beach or the pool, always at the end of the day “, explains the influencer, who always updates her Instagram profile with spicy clicks and lavishing sex appeal.

Youtuber reveals how to pack suitcase

Adept of neat productions, Geisy details the looks she takes in her luggage: “Whenever I travel, I go to the pool or somewhere I know I will do beach fashion, I have some stores that are partners and I really like bikinis and body. I go through the stories, the Instagram photos and I kind of do a search. I also order some crochet pieces from a lady who has my measurements. Two weeks before I already started to move this bag. I organize myself. I usually put on a body and a bikini so as not to be just the body or just the bikini. I like to take turns. But I have a collection of giant bikinis. Seven, eight, nine drawers just for swimwear. It’s something I really like “.

(By Patrícia Dias)


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