Gauseth scolded his teammates: – They have to get to hell off the field, because they have nothing to do here

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SARPSBORG (VG) (Sarpsborg-Mjøndalen 2-0) Mjøndalen’s Christian Gauseth (36) scolded his teammates during the break when Sarpsborg won 2-0 – and took an important step away from the relegation battle.

– There are people here who do not look like they want to play. They have to get to hell off the track, because they have nothing to do here. People who are so scared and anxious, and who miss all the passes during a round. It’s absolutely incredible that it works. They are simply going out! They’re going out! said Gauseth in the break interview with Dplay.

He got what he wanted: Coach Vegard Hansen made three substitutions during the break. And he was no less resigned than Gauseth:

– We give away the ball in an inexplicable way. I do not understand how it is possible to keep on like that, Vegard Hansen said at the start of the second half.

After the match, Vegard Hansen said that he thought it was unnecessary for Gauseth to take this on TV.

– It’s painful, but we must want. There was a shortage in the first half, Gauseth said afterwards. He was back on the field for the first time since July 5.

– We must be honest with ourselves. It seems like we do not want to play. We can not accept that we do not want to join. We must want!

Only three minutes had passed when Sarpsborg got a penalty kick. The returned son, Tobias Heintz, was stopped illegally by Sondre Solholm Johansen.

Mos is an expert on penalty kicks. He scored from the 11-meter mark for the fifth time in the 2020 league. In total, he has six goals.

– A cheap penalty, Solholm Johansen thought.

Just before the break, it was 2-0 when Joachim Soltvedt broke a Mjøndalen attack and countered. Jonathan Lindseth ran like crazy and came on the left side, got the ball and put in. At the back of the field was Ole Jørgen Halvorsen and put the ball past Mjøndalen goalkeeper Sousha Makani and in goal.

– It was great to get 2-0 before the break. Now we have to go out to score number three. We have to drive, that’s when we are the best, Ole Jørgen Halvorsen told Dplay during the break.


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