Gareth Bale’s transfer rumors got a stop last Saturday when the striker signed a deal with Tottenham. So Bale moves back to Britain with his wife and a couple of three children from Spain.

According to The Sun. a couple’s family life may not always be peaceful for the wife Emma Rhys-Jones relatives have connections to the underworld. The family home has guards around the clock because of the violent enemies of Rhys-Jones ’relatives.

Father of Rhys-Jones Martin Rhys-Jones sat for four years in prison. He originally received a seven-year sentence for a € 2.4 million fraud. Grandparents John, 83, and Eva, 88, took care of Emma during her father’s prison sentence.

However, in 2016, the grandparents became entangled in the drug war. A suitcase containing cash and cocaine worth about 818,600 euros disappeared from the couple’s home.

Revenge of Grandparents’ car and Aunt Rhys-Jones Annabella Williams two cars were set on fire.

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Son of Williams Peter for its part, poured petrol on Rhys-Jones’ second aunt, Jane Burnsin to the mailbox. Burns’ daughter Epiphany Dringin allegedly took a suitcase.

Williams was sentenced to four months in prison.

Dring has appeared on several soft porn sites. Police believe he ended up on the wrong side of the Middle East drug cartel.

Also Uncle Rhys-Jones Graham McMurray, 53, has been in trouble. McMurray was charged with theft in 2017 when nearly 71,000 euros were found in the chimney of his home.

After the incident, a realistic fear emerged that gang members could also attack Bale’s family home. The couple has three children: Alba, 7, Nava, 4, and Axel, 2.

Not invited to the wedding

According to The Sun, returning to the island nation also means for Bale and Rhys-Jones to make up for the gaps with relatives.

The couple did not invite Rhys-Jones ’father or grandparents to their wedding just over a year ago.

Grandpa John, however, assures us that the problems have been forgotten.

– I’m just thinking good of Gareth. I love her and Emma and my three beautiful grandchildren. We have had difficulties as a family, but they are behind us. We’ve talked things through, Dad commented to The Sun.

Bale moved to Tottenham with a loan of the year from Real Madrid. Seven years ago, a Welshman was sold from Tottenham to Real Madrid for just over € 94 million in 2013.