Gareth Bale leaves Real Madrid after several seasons on the exit ramp after the whites have reached an agreement for the Welshman to return to the Tottenham Hotspur, a team in which he exploded as one of the best wingers in the world.

Londoners have been a common in Bale’s departure rumors from the Santiago Bernabéu market after market and finally they take back their favorite son, taking away an active potential from Manchester United, which has also been in the bid.

Bale will leave like on loan this season and several rumors pointed to demanded to be able to expand one more, until his contract with Real Madrid ends in 2022, to later decide his future. However, the main obstacle to his departure was his contract, one of 17 million euros per season that the London team will finally pay for.

Those of José Mourinho are made with a player of tremendous quality to try once and for all to fight for the Premier, as long as the injuries respect him. This confirms what has been a secret to you but that due to previous experiences it could be catapulted at any time, as happened with its failed transfer to China at the last moment.