Mexico is a robust country in consumption of video game and that is why on more than one occasion we have seen conventions taking place in our territory in which fans and creatives of the industry gather.

To them now joins Gaming Week, a celebration that will extend over three days and that will be adjusted to a virtual model to show that even in chaotic times like the ones we are going through, video games and the interest around them can stay afloat.

We had the opportunity to talk with Jorge Lizárraga, CEO of Gaming Partners, company that organizes Gaming Week, who told us that his experience in this type of conference in Mexico can be traced almost 20 years ago, as he was the founder of the Electronic Game Show (EGS).

Lizárraga says that virtualization of a video game event allows to have access to all kinds of content and give you exposureBecause under the physical scheme, it is difficult for, for example, indie developers to attend, either because of logistics or because the focus is always on transnational companies.

The content needs to be diverse to cater to the different types of audience that today make up the gamer spectrum. ‘From those of us who are older and pay more attention to brands, through the youngest for whom the relevance falls on esports, to those who create content on video platforms’, dice.

Another point that is important to him is the democratization of digital events, that is, no tickets are charged.

‘Before we had the financial need to sell tickets. Now practically we are on an open platform, dice.

About whether the format digital will end up replacing the presential, Lizárraga believes that the outlook for the future will imply that the two coexist in a hybrid relationship.

The first edition of Gaming Week will take place of November 6 to 8 of 2020, that is, a few days before the next generation consoles hit the market, and within the brands that will have representatives are Xbox, 2K Sports, WB Games, Epic Games and NVIDIA.

To be present, it is only necessary to enter and check in.