Game of Clones is coming! Sabrina Sato advances surprises and challenges of dating reality

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Sabrina Sato is the host of the Brazilian version of “Game dos Clones”, a reality show scheduled for October 16 on Amazon Prime. The relationship program, produced by Record TV and Endemol Shine Brasil, consists of seven singles in search of their ideal match, but who will have to deal with participants with physical characteristics – almost identical – that will dispute their heart. With a redesigned look for the game, the Japanese commented on the biggest challenges and expectations for the program: “You deal with their feelings all the time. I already participated in reality. When you are in a house, confined, your feelings become more acute. You see the human being in the most delicate moment. We see this delivery of them, that they want to fall in love, love and there will be bullshit too “.

Sabrina Sato says that essence determines choices in reality

Even with seven characters with equal physical standards, the mother of the stylish Zoe guarantees that it is the essence of each participant that counts. “What we learn is quite the opposite. What counts is personality, it goes far beyond appearance. We discover this by doing and watching this reality. It goes far beyond. The singles themselves are surprised by the clones. It’s impressive” , he said, giving the first spoiler: “In the first episode, the hottest cat has ever been eliminated. The person searches for the guy’s story, personality, essence, other factors”.

‘I wouldn’t want Duda’s seven’, jokes Japanese

At the end of Game of Clones only one person will be chosen. Listed to replace Xuxa Meneghel in “Dancing Brasil”, Sabrina Sato says that singles will be surprised from the first episode. “Imagine arriving at a house and coming face to face with seven clones of crushs that you dreamed of? I wouldn’t want seven from Duda, one already makes a lot of mess,” she joked, citing the fiance she plans to marry soon. “The most surprising thing is until I am disconnected and asked for name tags to be able to differentiate, I already memorized the names because each one is in a totally different way. The biggest surprise is to discover that each individual is unique in this world. There is no way This is the most interesting thing, besides the passions “.

British reality gains Brazilian adaptation. Understand!

General director of Endemol Shine Brasil, David Feldon says that Game dos Clones started in a British format, but had a structure and history adapted to the Brazilian public. “What we did was to adapt the concept, evidence and ideas for the Brazilian people a little bit. We brought our way, which mixes with Sabrina’s way and conducting all this and also our characters. Every episode has the face of those characters, maintaining the You have fun, because each episode is different. If he likes dancing, more dancing, if he likes adrenaline, more adrenaline, then everything is customized. Sabrina gets involved and conducts it in a very cool and interesting way. watch “, completed.

(By Rahabe Barros)


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