Have a smart home It has become one of the revolutions in housing, since it allows us to automatically control many of our own home systems.

Internet of Things It has become an increasingly relevant trend and, little by little, objects of everyday life begin to interconnect with each other and with us.

The main objective of smart homes is to make life easier through innovative solutions that improve home efficiency.

Virtually any of us could turn our home into a state-of-the-art home with the help of a few gadgets. Therefore, we show you a list of some products that could be functional without having to waste all your money.

Gadgets that every music lover should have

Amazon Echo Dot 3rd generation

The first thing we must take into account to start building a smart home is to have a virtual assistant that is capable of executing certain actions.

It is a kind of “bridge” to interact with others gadgets connected, mostly through voice commands.

He Echo Dot of Amazon with Alexa It is a good option, since it not only receives orders, but can play music, answer questions, narrate the news, check the weather forecast, set alarms and much more.

Price: $ 899.00 MXN

Available here

Echo Flex

Getting started with setting up a smart home could be as simple as just getting this smart plug.

He Echo Flex is a mini smart plug-in speaker that lets you get help from Alexa in more places in your house.

You can run voice commands to connect more compatible devices, turn lights on, adjust thermostats, lock doors, and more. In addition, this product promises to be designed to protect privacy, built with multiple controls, including a button to turn off microphones.

Price: $ 499.00 MXN

Available here

Google Chromecast 3rd generation

He Chromecast of Google is an excellent gadget to stream content from your phone directly to your TV even if it’s not smart.

You can view your laptop on television with the browser Chrome and mirror the screen. Just access any compatible app and press a button to start streaming.

Price: $ 938.00 MXN

Available here

NetzHome- Timbre intelligent

He NetzHome It is a smart doorbell that works via WiFi. It allows you to see, listen and speak to your visit through your smartphone or tablet.

It is capable of monitoring your home in 720 HD video with infrared night vision. It should be noted that it has compatibility with Alexa of Amazon The Google Assistant. Its installation is very simple.

Price: $ 2,199.00 MXN

Available here

Philips Hue- LED Smart Lamp

If you want to create an ideal environment, it would be pertinent that you pay special attention to lighting. This light bulb Philips Allows you to control color, intensity and contrast to create different atmospheres.

In addition, it is possible to control it from a smartphone or tablet. Or, you could connect this bulb with Alexa to perform its functions.

Price: $ 381.12 MXN

Available here

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