Gabilondo encourages the motion of censure and Ayuso tells him that “he does not insult his party enough”

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The PSOE spokesman in the Assembly, Angel Gabilondo, works «to unite, and unite to change»: this morning, in his reply to the President Díaz Ayuso During the Debate on the state of the Region, he again wielded the possibility of a motion of censure against it. You have said you are “willing to use parliamentary mechanisms” to bring about change, and you wonder “What are Ciudadanos planning to do?”. However, he has also clarified that “now, the decisive thing is to combat the pandemic and adopt solutions together.”

Directly involving the government partner of Díaz Ayuso is the strategy used by the PSOE for a double reason: on the one hand, their votes are essential for the left parties to carry out this motion of censure. And on the other, even if they do not succeed, they encourage the distrust of the PP in their fellow cabinet members.

“I am absolutely ready as the most voted candidate, of the majority Party, of the Socialist Group, to continue in this task and assume responsibility that corresponds to me,” he added. Gabilondo has described as “Failed and inconsistent government” that of Díaz Ayuso. As an example, he has given the complicated epidemiological situation in which we find ourselves again: «The first obligation of your Government was to prevent a re-outbreak of cases and the means for this are well known. And you have not done it », has censured him.

The socialist spokesman, in an equally polite tone but sharper in his criticism than on other occasions, has dispatched Ayuso’s accusations of a smear campaign against Madrid, pointing out that “those who are cruel to you and your management are the data.”

“In rich Madrid, there is also hunger,” says Gabilondo

In health matters, and given the “unsustainable” current situation in the sector, especially in Primary Care, Gabilondo has proposed a crash plan to stop the spread of the virus. In addition, he has asked for measures to alleviate the situation of the most needy: “In rich Madrid, there is also hunger,” he reminded him.

He has also asked for the reformulation of the residency model, because “what happened has been shocking and the assumption of responsibilities cannot be avoided.” The solution is to provide them better, with more staff, better ratios and quality employment.

Ángel Gabilondo reflects on the policies of the Madrid Government and believes that the problem is the “lack of a major political project.” And he insists: “Without a project, Madrid will be a region surrendered to particular interests.”

In the second session of the Debate on the state of the Region, the political parties will present their opinion on the matter and on the proposals made on Monday by President Díaz Ayuso. It has decided to respond to all the spokespersons of the groups at the end of their interventions, rather than one by one.

More Madrid: disapproval of the Minister of Education

Pablo Gómez Perpinyà (Más Madrid) compared the president to the cicada in the story, who “has thrown away the four months since the end of May” to prepare against the second wave of the pandemic. He has raised in the register of the Assembly this Tuesday the proposal to fail the Minister of Education, for what he understands as a “chaotic” start of the course.

He understands that the Madrid government is a danger to citizens and to democracy, and “is condemning the Community to be the neoliberal North Korea.” He believes that “the people cannot take it anymore, and is crying out for a motion of no confidence”, and that is why he affirms that “we will do the impossible because those votes”, the 67 necessary to carry out the motion, “come”.

For her part, Mónica García (deputy spokesperson for Más Madrid) has been very critical of the health management of the crisis and this second wave. believes that Díaz Ayuso and his government have maintained “a systematic and programmed mistreatment of health workers». The plan to reinforce Primary Care seems very scarce, because the deficit at this level of care was estimated at 500 million euros. “Where are the patriots when they have to defend the health centers?”

García denounces the regional government pointing out that the epidemiological situation is now not like that of March: “Do we have to wait until March for you to move a finger?” The deputy of Más Madrid has once again appealed to the rest of the political groups in the Assembly, and has announced a «Emergency Table» that he seeks a way out of the situation and that “inevitably has to end in a motion of no confidence.”

United We can appeal to the “noise of sabers”

Jacinto Morano, Deputy spokesman for United We Can, has been very critical of the management of the pandemic carried out by the Government of Díaz Ayuso, which according to him “has put advertising ahead.” And he has put on the table a disturbing scenario: that of “Noise of sabers and forks that is being prepared in his Government so that this is his last Debate on the state of the Region.”

Morano has hinted at a political movement that would unseat Ayuso and would put Judge Enrique López in his place, current Minister of Justice, who “walks through television as an alternative to Government.” An impossible possibility today because to be president of the Community of Madrid the regulations require that you be a deputy, and López is not.

The attitude of the “hidden and absent Aguado”, as the regional vice president continuously described, was also the object of his protests: his refusal to take photos with Rocío Monasterio has contributed to the “blockade of a government that cannot draw a single law ahead”. For this reason, he has asked Ayuso to “call elections and allow Madrilenians to speak.”

PP, on censorship: «Present it»

He PP spokesman, Alfonso Serrano, has addressed the issue of the motion of censure challenging the left: “Present it, and then, when they lose it, resign.” He recalled that the secretary general of the PSOE, Jose Manuel Franco, proposed a motion of censure and that Vice President Aguado should preside over the Community, something that was “a motion to Gabilondo and Cepeda”, in its reading.

Serrano assures that “most of us continue to want a government of PP and Cs with the support of Vox.” He has defended all the councilors -the PP and Cs-, and has asked the opposition “what were you doing” while, in the hardest part of the pandemic, the Executive tried to manage the crisis.

For his part, the spokesman for Ciudadanos, Cesar Zafra, has insisted on the need for unity to move the community of Madrid forward. For this reason, he has asked “good sense and responsibility” to the Government and to the Health and Education unions because “the demands are fair but the situation forces us to be responsible.” And incidentally, he has asked that the Government be criticized as much as you want, but stop “scaring people by pointing out that traveling by Metro is not safe.”



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