Fuss about poster K3 film, but this is the real problem

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People on social media – read: a select group of users on Twitter – stumbled on the poster of the new K3 film on Monday, Dance of the Pharaoh. It shows Hanne, Marthe and Klaasje in an outfit that must pass for “classic Egyptian”. “Too stereotyped,” they said. Especially in times of cultural and racial sensitivities and changing insights.

Photo: Studio 100

In doing so, the real “problem” with the promotional image was quickly ignored. To the left of Klaasje, at the foot of the pyramid, is a photoshopped camel. And although there is also something to say about the clumsy way in which it has been pasted, the problem is mainly in the choice of animals: a camel is a Central Asian animal that occurs in China, Mongolia and Kazakhstan, and there already six thousand was domesticated years ago, but not in Arab North Africa. A bump less and some redrawing to a dromedary, that’s how it should have been.

Fortunately, the trio meets an Egyptian Wishing Cat in the film. Do they know immediately what to ask.



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