Fury for Cobra Kai: who is the villain of the Netflix series

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In a funny video, the two protagonists – Ralph Maccio and William Zabka – debate which one is the bad guy.

Cobra Kai is undoubtedly one of the most important Netflix releases of the year. The spin-off of Karate Kid managed to revolutionize the users of the streaming and they made it one of the most viewed fictions. However, there is a great debate that divides all viewers. Who is the bad guy in the story?

Remotely, Ralph Macchio – who plays Daniel LaRusso – and William Zabka – who plays Johnny Lawrence – had the brainstorming everyone was waiting for. The actors, who also stepped into the shoes of their characters more than three decades ago, went through various scenes from the 1984 film and the current series to figure out who the villain is.

The conversation lasts just over six minutes, was broadcast by the transmission service that bought the rights and intersperses their dialogues with different images of the two fictions divided into rounds.

Among the clippings they analyze, the scene on the beach of Karate Kid, in which Johnny throws the tape recorder at Daniel and causes him to fall into the sand. In the second round a part of the film is shown in which Johnny beats Daniel and the mythical professor Miyagi appears to rescue his student.

Images from the series followed. They reflected on the characters’ meeting at the car dealership and how Daniel teases Johnny with his co-workers. A funny scene also appears, in which the businessman sees someone drawing and spoiling an advertising poster with his face.

With the movie’s release, it was clear that Daniel was the hero and Johnny the enemy, but those roles were blurred in the series. In the video, the two actors tend to defend their respective characters and justify that the other deserved it.

However, they both agree that the villain of the story is John Kreese, Lawrence’s sensei, who was willing to do anything to win. The actors base their decision with a phrase from Miyagi: “There is no bad student, only bad teacher.”

Macchio confessed that many fans write to him to tell him that if the two characters were together in the same room for a while, they would get along. The actor considers that both Daniel and Johnny are sometimes the bad guy and sometimes the good guy.

Zabka preferred to play it safe and disengage from the choice: “It is something that depends on the fans and the viewers, depending on the individual way of seeing it.”

After the successful passage of the first two seasons on Netflix, the company has already confirmed a third party. Little is known about how this story will continue, which will have to answer several questions that the last part left open.

The next episodes will trace the origins of Miyagi, in Okinawa. According to Josh Heald, one of the creators, it will delve into the history and philosophy of both Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do, which could mean the incorporation of Chozen Toguchi, played by Yuji Okumoto, the villain of the film of 1986. Elizabeth Shue could also be back in the role of Ali Mills, Daniel’s great love.



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