The jury of the Russian GP has changed Lewis Hamilton punishment. Brit does not get two penalty points for his illegal start practice. Instead, Mercedes was fined € 25,000.

The jury justifies its changed sanction with the team radio discussion it received. It finds out that Mercedes instructed Hamilton to take the start exercise. In its new sanction, the jury considers the main culprit to be the stable, not the driver.

With the new sanction, Hamilton’s penalty score will remain at eight. 12 points brings a single race ban.

The stable previously told Hamilton and the race engineer Pete Bonningtonin a communication outage between when the engineer thought Hamilton meant a legal stop when asking for a start permit. After receiving an affirmative answer, Hamilton stopped his car on the depot road, but on the track side.

Hamilton received two penalties during the race: both consisted of a five-second time penalty and one penalty point. The waste of time dropped the British to third in the final results.

The teammate drove to win the race Valtteri Bottas.