Prime Minister Sanna Marin is posing in the latest On trend in a jacket and a necklace of Finnish Kalevala Koru. In the trend story, Marin talks about her work, but the main focus of the Twitter conversation has been on amazing the clothes from the beginning. Shirtlessness in particular has become a topic of discussion much more often than any of the themes raised by the Prime Minister in the article.

You can see the picture too from here.

Now, many front-line stars have risen to support Marin by publishing similar blazer images of themselves. All images can be found under #ImwithSanna and #ImwithSannaMarin.

For example, actor Kiti Kokkonen has published a similar shirtless blazer picture in her own On Instagram.

– Statement. Everyone should be allowed to live in such a way that their personality, dignity and professionalism are not defined by grabbing irrelevant flower stalks. For the first time, I am removing the opportunity to comment on this post, because I know in advance that it is likely that the hate speech whose time would be extinct would be lost. #imwithsannamarin #googledouble standard # cyberbullying #dekolteegate #equality. I understand that challenging for some, but I curiously recommend broadening my own perspectives. To think, research and learn, Kokkonen writes to accompany the picture he shares.

Singer Hanna Pakarinen has also participated in the challenge. You will also see the publication from here. Pakarinen has written to accompany the publication:

– #imwithsanna # for female hatred.

Also a singer Kristiina Wheeler has shared a similar image. He has written as an accompaniment:

– #imwithsanna #fighting # girls’ day.

Television face Ina Mikkola has also taken part in the blazer challenge. You will also see the publication from here.

– As a patriotic person, I cannot accept hatred of women against the Prime Minister of Finland. Shouldn’t Finland be the model country for equality? Even if you don’t like all of Marini’s thoughts or actions, commenting on her dress and thereby questioning her professionalism is inappropriate. It is simply extremely chauvinistic and embarrassing that Finns are hungry for the dress of their own prime minister. It is unpatriotic, Mikkonen writes.

He also points out that Marin is an inspiring role model at the international level as well.

– As I have stated many times that the thing-run out of arguments, begin the appearance of the annotation, and tytöttely whore. Often this starts before there is anything relevant, let alone said, Mikkonen sums up.

Also an actor Pete Lattu has shared a blazer image.

– Somehow it felt like you didn’t have to put a little dark blazer and domestic jewelry on the décolleté curtain in honor of the UN Girls’ Day, Lattu writes to accompany the picture he shared.

Blogger Jenni Rotonen has also taken part in the challenge.

You will also see the publication from here. As an accompaniment, Rotonen has written:

– #imwithsanna #fighting #sannamarin #feminism #feminism #equality