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Mateo Retegui, who is represented by Francesco Totti, is in Pescara’s plans.

The first big change you had Mateo Retegui This year it was not to return to Boca after passing through Estudiantes, but it had to do with the fact that Francesco Totti has been their representative for four months. Yes, the idol of Roma.

It was not by chance, obviously, since the former striker is precisely filming the 21-year-old attacker in Europe. And apparently, several clubs have already stung.

One of them is the Pescara, who seems to have between the eyebrows of the Boca youth who debuted in 2018 and played just eight minutes against Patronato (that day he entered for Carlos Tevez).

Even from Italy they would have already sent an offer for a loan, something that will undoubtedly be evaluated by the xeneizes leaders.

Now, why would it be evaluated? Precisely because the idea is that Mateo has filming and this present from Boca would not be the ideal setting for that.

It happens that although the young man was training for a good time with the squad, Miguel Ángel Russo would have other priorities in the attack, such as Walter Bou, who seems to be more to the taste of DT, since he traveled to both Libertadores matches and even added several minutes in both, while Retegui was not part of the delegation in either.

Totti is in Italy, although in full contact with Retegui and his family. For now, the idea of ​​the Italian star would be that if the boy has to go abroad from Boca. And apparently in Italy they already follow him closely.


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