From Sebastián Villa to Cristian Pavón, Boca’s pass market continues to move despite the pandemic

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For the Colombian, the xeneize leadership stopped a salary increase and the updating of his contract until his judicial situation is defined. For the Cordovan, they expect an offer from Los Angeles Galaxy or that it returns in January.

Of forwards there is talk at this time in Boca, although Miguel Russo is recovering players affected by Covid-19 and it is expected that from this Wednesday more than 15 footballers start training after overcoming the contagion outbreak. Although the pass market is still open and keeps the Soccer Council busy. From Sebastián Villa to Cristian Pavón, two extremes with different realities.

Decisive in the Super League title that Boca won from River on the last day of the tournament that ended in March, today Sebastián Villa is in the middle of a conflict in which he was involved from a personal situation. A serious judicial scandal from the complaint of gender violence On the part of his ex-partner (Daniela Cortés) the reality of a player who had ended up as one of the figures for Russo changed.

In Boca, in fact, halted a pay increase and an update to their contract that had been agreed in February, when the striker coffee grower He had already made merits as one of the best in the squad and after having wanted to emigrate in January, dissatisfied with his participation in the Gustavo Alfaro cycle. The agreement was clear: Boca thought to improve the bond so that he would become one of the best paid players on the squad and avoid a seduction to emigrate to any football in this market.

But that episode of violence came and everything was left in an uncomfortable situation for all parties. Condemned by a good part of public opinion, but still without a judgment from Justice, from the club they chose to run off the scene. Neither defend it nor hold it accountable: they allowed judicial action and complied with the law. But He will not play until his judicial situation is defined.

Today the sports valuation (and economic for a transfer) is still intact, but the extra-football situation led the club to pay more attention to a possible transfer, although the intention is “don’t give it away”. The two offers from Atlético Mineiro (one on loan and one to buy 50 percent in two installments) were dismissed. Will a better European proposal appear? Will it be from Sporting Lisbon? The club does not close the door to any transfer and there is also a possibility that – until now few believe possible but it is not ruled out – and that is that the court case comes to an end with a favorable ruling for the footballer.

If this happens and he is still in the club, Boca will count him as one of the squad. In fact, at no time did he stop training and was paid his salary like any other player so as not to give rise to later complaints.

Villa’s representatives are the same agents who handle Juan Fernando Quintero and Jorge CarrascaHe and are moving to bring options to the Boca Soccer Council for an exit from the Colombian forward. But so far they have not raised proposals that are close to what President Jorge Amor Ameal and company want.

It is true: Quintero’s antecedent, advised by his agent Rodrigo Riep, led to a short circuit with the River leadership That still has no solution but that ended with the player without training, with a trip to Miami in the middle and with crossed darts in the microphones. Villa, for now, only posts on Instagram, while his agents -in their conversation with Boca- insisted on an improvement in the contract. In the club they believe that the context is not given to advance in it.

With 5 goals scored in 60 games, Villa had already been close to leaving in December 2019. Even the player had confessed not feeling completely comfortable with the day to day with his teammates in the locker room, who took him to a group talk when Gustavo Alfaro was still as DT. His good level since Russo took office prevented a transfer to Xolos de Tijuana and even earned him a new call to the Colombian team. Everything was blurred from the cause of the judicial problem with his ex-partner.

Simultaneously with this hazy scenario in Villa’s future, From the United States they have already communicated with Boca to anticipate that Los Angeles Galaxy, Guillermo Barros Schelotto’s team, plans to send an offer to buy Cristian Pavón’s pass, who has 6 goals in the MLS tournament and is one of the figures of the Twin Guillermo Barros Schelotto team. Of course: the purchase option of 20 million dollars in this world context seems unattainable, but in Boca they hope that they will make a first proposal that exceeds 10 million dollars to formally start the talks. Although the Soccer Council has also received polls from Europe by the Cordoba striker, who has a contract with the Galaxy until December and who must return to Boca in January if he is not transferred to the MLS club.

The whole of the United States has an advantage. In the extension of the loan that was signed days before the change of mandate in the club, in December 2019, it was also stipulated that LA Galaxy will have the priority of matching any offer that reaches Boca for the forward. Therefore, from Brandsen 805, they will have to notify the American club in the case of receiving formal interested parties for Pavón so that from the MLS they can match that amount. Millions in the treasury (for the sale) or an elite reinforcement (if he returns), in Boca they await with open arms any of the two paths that cross through the professional life of Kichán.



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