With very pointed exceptions, a olympic athlete he does not usually become a millionaire thanks to his successes on the slopes. Now with the global crisis that has caused the pandemic, much less.

The need to tighten their belts and adjust budgets has made funds allocated to finance sports projects, they move to other more pressing areas of society, such as health or social work. The victims are those athletes, whose economic health depends on state aid. This occurs in almost all countries, from Spain to Japan, passing through the United Kingdom.

This country has decided to bet only on a winning horse. Since London 2012 to this part they have been reducing the budget of their Olympic program, to the point that only those who are serious options for a medal have firm support, and sometimes not even that. The best example is rugby team 7, who in the absence of official support have had to mount a crowdfunding to get the 2 million pounds they deem necessary for the Tokyo Olympics. And that they were silver medal in Rio 2016.

Other athletes have had to seek life exercising professions that are far from their search for excellence on the slopes. It is the case of Daniel Bramble.

It is long jumper He is the indoor champion of his country, with a not inconsiderable personal best of 8.21 meters. It is not one of the leaders, but it would not be out of tune, far from it, in an Olympic competition.

The economic cut of the British Olympic Association has made me pull job search. In just one year he has gone from being on the slopes preparing for Tokyo to hitting the streets loaded with packages: Amazon delivery man.

“This year I have gone from ‘Road to Tokyo’ to ‘At the end of the road, turn left’. Not having funds and support really took its toll this year. But you have to adapt or go extinct“He wrote on Twitter along with two very significant photos of how his life has changed in just a few months.

The reflection / request for help had its immediate reaction. Many users began to show their support, both moral and financial in some cases, so he has also set up a crowdfunding.

“How many kind words and messages, I really had to show what happens often behind the sport,” he explained, given the reaction aroused.