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A few weeks before the elections in the United States, celebrities are playing and putting the body to changes in the political or environmental climate.

“I don’t care if they attack me. I am 82 years old almost reaching 83, what the hell can I lose ”, smiles Jane Fonda talking about the price that can be paid to be an activist and fight for a cause.

She confesses that she discovered that inner strength only at 30, until then she was not very interested in what was happening around her and she could not feel more miserable. Now converted into a warrior defender of environmental changes so that the climate does not destroy the planet, which has earned her arrests for inciting civil disobedience, Jane Fonda says she feels fulfilled. “When I became an activist I became a happier person. You feel better, because you are aligning your body and your voice to your deepest values. If you don’t, you’re kind of divided. And that makes you sick, “says the veteran actress.

Fonda is presenting the book in which he tells the anecdotes of his fight against global warming, What I can do, and last week ended up being interviewed in Los Angeles by her colleague Eva Longoria. There are many actors who resist playing for their ideology for fear that it will affect their career, what advice would Jane give them, asked the actress from Desperate Housewives. “I see there are a lot of very brave young people,” replied Jane. “Me I was never to put my career ahead of what really interests me and I think that’s the way”.

Less than 40 days before the presidential elections in the United States, many celebrities came out to ask people to go to vote, since it is not mandatory as in Argentina. Eva Longoria commented to Jane that she suffered attacks on social networks for having been the host of the Democratic convention that in August nominated Joe Biden as a candidate to compete in November with current President Donald J. Trump. “They said that I was a famous person who had no contact with reality and that is not the case. I wasn’t there as a celebrity, I was representing the ninth generation of a Texas family, as the daughter of a veteran and a teacher, ”Longoria complained.

Other celebrities prefer to bet their money on climate change. Robert Downey Jr Y Gwyneth PaltrowFor example, they are after a new bamboo toilet paper, Cloud Paper, which is presented as an alternative to deforestation. The actress Lily Collins and the new Batman Robert Pattinson will participate in a virtual charity gala on October 24 for the victims of COVID-19 and racial injustice.

Among the young activists among whom Jane Fonda holds the most hope is singer Camila Cabello, born in Cuba and raised in Miami. Fighter, Camila put the body to the Free the Vote campaign, to raise money so that ex-convicts in the state of Florida can pay the fine that allows them to vote. Next to the singer John Legend, have raised almost half a million dollars, attracting other celebrities such as Leonardo Dicaprio Y Steven Spielberg. “I am so happy to call Florida my home, it is full of people who come from different experiences in life. Voting is the way we have to be heard and all voices deserve to be counted ”, Camila explained to The Hollywood Reporter.

Mark Ruffalo, the incredible Hulk, thanked his Emmy last Sunday calling to fight for the less fortunate and to vote for compassion. Like many in Hollywood, Ruffalo is running to replace Trump. Marlee Matlin, the actress who made history by winning an Oscar by being deaf, participated in the program in 2011 Celebrity Apprentice led by the now president. But not only is he not spoken to anymore, he even campaigned for a federal court to force his administration to use sign language interpreters when giving information about the pandemic.

“Step by step” advises Jane Fonda, no matter what your cause, it is always good to listen to your heart.



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