from hero to threat to democracy

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To be applauded for his management of the attack on Twin Towers to sweat dye to defend conspiracies electoral fraud driven by Donald Trump. The trajectory of Rudolph ‘Rudy’ Giuliani, the president’s personal attorney with long political experience, is a story of rise and fall, a clear reflection of the transformation United States and the drift of Republican Party.

Although at school he had asked to vote for Democrats, Giuliani quickly became a moderate Republican on social issues. Raised on Long Island, New York, developed a brilliant career as a lawyer that led him, at just 29 years old, to work for the US Attorney General. From Washington He returned home, where he made a name for himself for his fight against the mafia and drug trafficking.

In 1993 his popularity and media charisma propelled him to the mayor of New York, which he served for eight years marked by a reduction in crime based on an aggressive heavy-handed policy (which harmed the African-American community) and taxes, but , above all, for its management of the terrorist attack against the World Trade Center. Your reaction to 11-S made him a hero. “He’s the mayor of the United States,” he nicknamed him Oprah Winfrey. ‘Time’ magazine named him the man of the year.

After the country’s greatest national tragedy, Giuliani used that fame to jump into the business world, where he amassed a fortune working for questionable clients as an Iranian group considered a terrorist organization by the US.

Trump ally

After a failed presidential run in 2007, she reappeared to the political limelight in 2016 to support Donald Trump, even as her disparaging remarks against women staggered her candidacy. In 2018, Giuliani became Trump’s personal lawyer and one of his most faithful allies, broadcasting in various media conspiracy theories.

There his career took an ironic turn, going from being a legal emblem against crime to being investigated for corruption. Giuliani led Trump’s pressure on the Ukrainian government to investigate Joe Biden and his son Hunter to beat his electoral chances. That prompted the impeachment process against the president, the third in US history.

The Republican defeat in the elections has accentuated the drift of Giuliani, parallel to that of Trump. For $ 20,000 a minute per day, he now leads the president’s legal efforts to try to overturn a clear vote count. After almost 30 years without practicing, his accusations of fraud they have been labeled by other lawyers as a “disgrace”. In the absence of results in the courts, he has twisted his strategy before the media to call for the withdrawal of millions of votes in the key states that Trump has lost and to talk about a global communist conspiracy to kick out the president. His latest press conference has turned him into meme meat. But his performances have also been seen as a threat to the democracy of the country that once worshiped him.



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