from casinos to double or nothing presidential

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In Las Vegas, mecca of the game and one of the cities of USA hardest hit by the economic crisis derived from covid-19, the Trump International Hotel (a huge 190-meter, 64-story gold ingot) tries to keep out of coronavirus discouragement. Your page web, which offers rooms for between $ 118 and $ 2,140 a night, makes two points clear from the start. One: by “government order, all guests and associates must cover their faces” (the word mask is obvious). And two: it is an establishment without casinos. There is no room for any kind of chance in that hotel. However, as we will see a few lines below, the trajectory of its owner has elapsed between business roulette wheels and card and slot machines. Now, his biggest bet is to repeat as head of the country’s presidency and not be in limbo of those who failed in the revalidation seeing their policies diluted. Donald Trump: double or nothing.

Aerial footage of the Trump Hotel in Las Vegas. /

“I see everything as a game. We are all playing a game and hopefully we will play well.” summed up his life perspective Trump to the popular presenter Rona Barret on October 6, 1980. At the age of 34 and now one of the golden New Yorkers, that was his first television interview, when it was more than five years since had taken off in the construction business Following in the footsteps of his father, Fred, a severe man where there are those who instilled in him that competitiveness without limits or mercy.


Trump’s life (New York, June 14, 1946) has often been a scam with more than one bluff in which the bank has even unexpectedly jumped. In the controversial book ‘Fire and fury. Inside Trump’s White House ‘, journalist Michael Wolff argues that the tycoon’s race to become the 45th president of the United States was primarily a marketing strategy to increase his popularity and further his businesses. Weeks earlier, his team thought the chances of winning were slim, so the goal was just not to make a fool of himself with a resounding defeat. For that reason, when the outlook turned upside down on election night in November 2016, their faces became a poem. The aspirant was “perplexed” and his third wife, Melania, “the tears came to him, and not exactly of joy”.

The journalist Michael Wolf maintains that Trump was “perplexed” when he saw himself as the winner in 2016 and that his wife was in tears, not with joy

The Republican leader risked and won the Democrat Hillary Clinton. He did it with some letters marked in his favor that turned out to be key. As you remember Bob Woodward in ‘Fear. Trump in the White House ‘, the Republican National Committee assigned $ 175 million in analytics and big data from the electorate. “From each possible voter they knew what beer he drank, the make and color of his car, the age and school of his children, the status of his mortgages, what tobacco he smoked & mldr;”. And so they nailed their campaign and, although they lost in votes, they won with the majority of the representatives and with the keys to the White House.

In this new electoral game, Trump is gambling to complete the maximum time of possible terms, such as the great presidents, or to remain in limbo of those who could not renew the position because the voters punished them at the polls. In the last hundred years, four presidents have failed to renew the confidence of the electorate when they were in office, and only one of them, a Democrat, left a mark that years later revalued his figure.

If he can’t get a seat in the Oval Office, some of his most notorious policies run the risk of being ruthlessly demolished by the Democratic hopeful, Joe Biden, the man of seven lives. The construction of the wall with Mexico to stop immigrants would end. The obsession of adding salt to the health system planted by Barak Obama. Environmental policies would once again be taken seriously instead of being bulldozed, and economic protectionism, the search for a foreign enemy, the imposition of tariffs and the reduction of taxes without measure would be mitigated.

But Trump always has a legion of supporters willing to play along. White men, without studies and from the more rural United States, were mainly the ones who promoted him to the presidency in 2016. He also found support among wealthy women in metropolitan residential developments, who now no longer see him with such good eyes, although politicians from others Lares have copied his methods and be almost a god for some compatriots.

Trumpism or why Americans vote for Donald Trump. /
Marc Femenia / Text: Ricardo Mir from France

The health and economic damage caused by the coronavirus they have uncovered the shame of a government that has spent months belittling the pandemic while other fires accumulated. In addition to covid-19, and to mention just one more, the outrage over the episodes of racial violence has risen in such a way that it can increase the participation of minorities in the elections and become one of the assets in favor of Biden, who has known how to play his tricks in the campaign. Even the world of sports, once prudish in the political arena, has come out to criticize him. Voting has become fashionable, and that does not seem to favor him.

And if he loses it wouldn’t be the first time. The debacle of its casinos in Atlantic City is a good example of it. The first of them, the Trump Plaza, He opened it on May 14, 1984 and made more than $ 20 million in profits a year. In 1985 came the Trump Castle and in April 1990 the curtain rose on Taj Mahal, a megalomaniac project of 11,000 square meters and a billion dollars of investment that almost squandered his entire fortune. Two years earlier he had had to resort to the stock market to finance his construction because the banks did not lend him more money, but in June 1990 the debts gripped him in such a way that Forbes magazine estimated that he owed more than $ 3.2 billion.

Trump had to declare the Taj Mahal bankrupt and two other casinos also collapsed. In the purest style of what a Ruiz Mateos would be in Spain, his defaults led to the ruin of many contractors who had worked for him and his lack of funds forced him to sell the Hotel Plaza, his yacht and many other properties that he had acquired uncontrollably years ago, although a comeback in the stock market allowed him to float.

from casinos to double or nothing presidential

Illustration of Donald Trump with his mammoth Taj Mahal casino, which turned out to be a fiasco. / SILVER LARROSA

The casino complex was surviving more badly than good and came to chain three bankruptcy declarations until the game did not give more of itself. In recent years he has shed the dream of Atlantic City and even the signs and towels of once-lit gambling palaces lit by $ 14 million Bohemian crystal chandeliers have been sold.

But not even then did Trump accept defeat. In 1989, in the midst of a whirlwind of losses and a debacle in his personal image, the tycoon put on sale a board game in the style of ‘Monopoly’ that was titled ‘Trump, the game‘and consisted of the following motto:’ It is not about winning or losing, but about winning ‘. Either way. And in this last game, that of his electoral revalidation, the current president has already made it clear that he is willing not to recognize an eventual victory for his opponent. As all gamblers cannot bear to lose, and “his biggest fear –as related Michael d’Antonio in ‘The truth about Trump‘– is being ignored, underestimated or irrelevant“.



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